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The 5 Most Sentimental Zodiac Signs

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Cancer has a hard time letting go. They may feel sentimental because they will mull over the events of the past. Likewise, Cancers do not like change, so when they inevitably lose someone from their life, they will reminisce on happier memories from the past to escape the present.

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Pisces are naturally empathetic, which leads them to be sentimental over others. They get attached easily, especially because they love so deeply (and it’s hard for them to let go). They can love someone for years on end, and reminisce about their shared time together — even if the relationship ended decades ago.

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Taurus is very devoted and affectionate. However, they can often get so caught up in a relationship that they’re unwilling to give it up (even when it’s hurting them). When the relationship does end, they romanticize it and hold out hope for “what ifs.” In essence, Taurus is sentimental because they like to imagine where the relationship could have gone if it did not end.

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Capricorns are always wishing for things to stay the same, and that’s why it can take them years to move on from a relationship. This sign is the most likely to argue things were better in the past (even if they have everything they could want in the present). They might reminisce about a previous relationship even though they have a strong relationship right before them. The same logic applies to others outside of their romantic relationships, such as colleagues, friends, and family members.

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Scorpios get tunnel-vision in love. They obsess over the people and the places they love. These obsessive feelings tend to lead to infatuation and deeper emotions that make them prone to ruminating over events from the past. For example, Scorpios may find it difficult to stop obsessing over an ex or former friend.

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