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Most To Least Greedy Zodiac Signs

Astrological signs can influence the attitude of every individual toward money. Even a kind and generous individual can become greedy if he/she doesn’t have enough money to fulfill their desires. So, here we have listed the most to least greedy Zodiac Signs.

1. Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th

Here we come to the most greedy and materialistic sign of the Zodiac. In the first place proudly Capricorns who are openly avaricious. Representatives of this Sign are ready to invest exclusively in their social status. Friends, loved ones and family would do without Grand gestures. Capricorns can look for where and what to buy cheaply. It will be long and hard to walk around the stores to find benefits. But greed for them is not a disadvantage, the advantage is that you always need to emphasize in the light, or else you will sit on the neck.

2. Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

For Virgos money in the wind drops and nothing strain their wallet. But this does not mean that the representatives of this Sign cannot purchase luxurious and expensive things. They can buy, but only for themselves. However, Virgo is so susceptible to manipulation that to lure them a few thousand is not difficult. However, then they can claim it back once their financial situation is precarious.

3. Cancer: June 21st – July 22nd

Cancers live for themselves and spend money only on necessary and valuable things. With friends and loved ones, they are fairly cheap. The main landmark for Cancers is to buy things for the house and their comfort. So, don’t expect luxurious gifts and open gestures from them. Invite Cancer to buy perfume or a TV, they will always choose the latter. That’s why their home is just like a dream, there is always comfort, newly renovated, items of antiquity, and the latest technological fashion.

4. Taurus: April 20th-May 20th

Taureans love to spend money solely on them. They did not hesitate to do so. Women and men beware, among the representatives of this Sign are a lot of mistresses and Gigolos. They even have some tactics: several times they want to throw big money at you to without shame or hesitation to use your unlimited credit card. However, in the case of serious financial problems, Taurus will be on your side, always ready to help, protect and pay for that calls all their shortcomings.

5. Pisces: February 19th – March 20th

Pisces are clearly in the middle. With them, everything is so complicated. After all, they can be terse to the point of tears and generous to the same state. At the forefront is not the position of the Fish and their mood. While it is impossible to calculate when their mood will be one of those “today I’ll buy you everything, the sky, the stars, and the sea,” and when “I do not ask.” But astrologers know the secret moves. Fish love the specifics. Therefore, it is clear, accessible and without any hesitation, you need to talk directly about their desires. Rest assured, if they have money, they will buy you an expensive and nice gift.

6. Gemini: May 21st – June 20th

The twins have not yet decided miserly or generous. This Sign is known only that the manifestation of the generosity of their representatives needs an audience, the audience, and preferably off-screen applause. Twin can openly hold for you a hundred rubles if you asked about this in private. Please contact them for help when they face a lot of people. Then they will be ready to put the last money out of their wallet, sprinkle you with head-to-toe compliments and notes and send you a taxi to the house next door.

7. Scorpio: October 23rd – November 21st

For Scorpions, generosity is a great opportunity to show their good side. Importantly, familiar with and appreciated their budget, newly renovated, luxurious interior, best work in general, and their ability. But as soon as the Scorpions are catching up with financial problems. They are blown away and disappear. The thing is that Scorpios loathe the idea of living without money.

8. Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

Libras can be called generous people, but there is one thing: they love to pull other people’s money. Libra gladly buy you at least a place on the moon, if you first find yourself a sponsor. For a Libra, it’s difficult to ask for money from their parents, friends, loved ones, or neighbors in the area, for partying and entertainment.

9. Aries: March 21st-April 19th

The rams are located in the 9th place. Typical representatives of this Sign are generous but practical people. The Rams know how to invest their money in the future. In other words, they invest in interpersonal relationships. If you are in touch with an Aries who is generous and buys gifts for you, always gives debt, and financially helps you – be sure they see you as a potential candidate, which has already entered into a mutually beneficial business relationship. Aries will put money on the person if they are sure that sooner or later it will become useful to him.

10. Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

Who does not like the Lions know all about glamour, luxury, and grace? Representatives of this Sign will never leave without attention and give expensive gifts to their loved ones. Only unfamiliar people can see lions in the face of a notorious cheapskate. However, if you can cheer and enjoy the king of an astrological circle, they would spend money on you. Lions buy everything that shines, shines pleases them. They often think they can buy anything and everything for anyone.

11. Aquarius: January 20th – February 18th

Almost at the end of the list, who are very good, are representatives of Aquarius. These people are not just generous to others, they are the real spenders. The main priority for them is to make sure to please and delight loved ones, close friends, and colleagues. They are very caring, attentive, and considerate, especially to the desires of others. The only hint about their dream, is of course very secret, running faster to execute.

12. Sagittarius: November 22nd – December 21st

To Archers no complaints. After all, they are the most generous representatives of the zodiacal circle. Even if they get angry, you will still find them helping and feeding the starving poor people. Well, Sagittarians love to patronize and help, of course, just for a smile and sincere “thank you”. This is why each time they try to get their hands on the money.

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