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Why Love Only Happens When You Least Expect It

You know the novel saying that love happens when you least expect it. It’s usually told to you in moments of fear during your single season—a projection brought forth by a dear friend or family member who is already loved and coupled up.

Their intentions may have been good, but it’s not the least bit helpful. This mantra coated in pity feels anything but uplifting. The saying always leads to impatience towards finding a partner as you wait for the unexpected so you can finally live your love story written in the stars.

Instead, this saying should be modified to say this: Love only happens when you least expect it.

This reframing of the mindset will ease your anxiety of expecting the rush of the unexpected and instead raise your curiosity about the process of falling in love. To fall in love is to surrender, allow, and trust yourself with intention. To fall in love is to set out your desire for the love you know you deserve and detaching from the outcome.

Surrender, allow, and trust the process, but be detached from the who, when, and how. The beauty of falling in love is where unexpectedness lives. Embrace the uncertainty of magic, because love is magic, so why ruin the surprise?

You should want love to happen when you least expect it because the most precious moments of life that make you come alive are the ones you replay over and over again. These moments you crave to live once more. These moments of pure joy, happiness, and love are unexpected gifts from the universe as a keepsake memory in your heart.

These are moments of life you never saw coming.

These are moments of life you savor.

There are moments of life made of pure magic.

This wild phenomenon is known as the present moment—a place you may miss as you move back and forth from the past and the future. You can never predict the present moment. This is precisely the point. All we can do is welcome this precious fleeting moment.

You’re not meant to predict your life. It is out of your control. You simply just exist in them and allow the flow of the human experience to create an abundant life.

You’re here to receive your innermost desire for love and human connection, but you can’t write your love story without experiencing it first. Embrace the uncertainty of what’s to come, because your love story is not written in the stars. Rather, you’re the author of it.

Love is an ever-lasting experience of uncertainty, one where the only certain relationship you must trust is the one with yourself. You are the anchor amid fleeting moments of life. When you trust yourself, you can open your heart to the unfolding of your love story.

You are the one with the ability to make meaning from the way you fall in love by surrendering, allowing, and trusting yourself as the interpreter, maker, and author of your love story.

Why Love Only Happens When You Least Expect It
Why Love Only Happens When You Least Expect It

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