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5 Reasons Why Old Souls Feel Detached From Modern Day Love

1. They feel everything deeply and completely.

They are true empaths at heart. Their genuine character is gentle but mysterious. They have a strong sense of self, which means they don’t just let anyone into their world. Wanting to help heal and fix another person’s struggles is never a hesitation for them. They find great joy in being there for others when they need it. However, they often sacrifice too much time being the nurturer that it’s not respectively reciprocated. They are sensitive people who need to be mindful of their time to check back in with themselves. When they don’t, It can cause them to overthink and sabotage the relationship.

2. Settling is not in their nature.

They have high expectations for themselves, including what they look for in a partner. They know the ins and outs of their ideal relationship, but sometimes their high standards can be too unrealistic at times. They don’t like wasting time on people who don’t align with their values. They are well aware of their flaws but often forget that other people have imperfections too. When they notice a subtle disconnect in the relationship that is not an ultimate dealbreaker, it can cause them to drift away and write the person off too soon.

3. They are always on the go to fulfill their purpose.

Working towards their passions is a full-time job. They dedicate their time and energy towards improving their being for the better. Life is a precious gift to them, and they want to accomplish every goal they set for themselves. They take love very seriously, and if it arrives too soon, it can overshadow their duty to fulfill their calling. Old souls are not half-assed people; when they commit to something, they go all in. Choosing to show up and love someone entirely and whole-heartedly is a significant sacrifice. They don’t ever want to string someone on just for the hell of it.

4. They strongly dislike surface-level relationships.

Online dating can be overly exhausting for a mature soul. Casual hooks up and blind dates are highly intimidating. Mind games are unappealing. They don’t like to conform to the thrill of who’s going to text who first. They never want to mislead someone or leave space for confusion. Old souls are honest with their intentions and won’t pursue something that’s not going anywhere.

5. They crave soulmate love, not modern-day love.

Words can’t describe the intensity old souls feel about love. Love is the essence of what makes us human. The opportunity to love someone and potentially be loved back is the most fulfilling and the most beautiful experience a person could ever encounter. They don’t mind sharing a glimpse of their love life online, but the parts they crave the most are the honest and vulnerable moments. The love that makes your heart skip a beat and never want to turn back. They crave soulmate love, and they will never settle until they find it.

5 Reasons Why Old Souls Feel Detached From Modern Day Love
5 Reasons Why Old Souls Feel Detached From Modern Day Love

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