Zodiac Signs

What The Kisses Of Signs Transmit

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There are times when a kiss says much more than a thousand words. Through them, you can express a lot of love, passion, some fear, tenderness or any kind of feeling that can not be said or not at that time. Here is a brief explanation of what the kisses of each zodiac sign convey:


Security. Aries’ kisses take you to a very safe place, a place where you can close your eyes with complete confidence, because of course that nothing bad will happen to you … At first, Aries can show something shy, the right moment in whoever brings his lips to the lips of another person is like silence with magnetic sparks, shy but determined, strong but at the same time very tender … Now, Aries’ kiss is shy a minute at most, because when it breaks loose, Unleash with him all the passion that Aries has inside. And if you add little caresses on your face, we better not talk, because the fire there burns on its own.

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Tenderness. A lot of delicacies, even if they are strong and very intense sometimes … Taurus is able to give you the peace you need with just a small touch of his lips because they have the gift of being truly magical. But in addition to tenderness, they can convey confidence and end up persuading you … Taurus is a very selective person and of course, that on the subject kisses was not going to be less. Who has the privilege of receiving a kiss from a Taurus, can be satisfied because it is a lovely gift fallen from the sky. Something like touching the sky with your fingers …

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Curiosity. Gemini kisses absorb you. They make you want more and more … The lips of Gemini convey a lot of emotionalities, a small touch with them and Gemini transports you to a very unknown but very pleasant world.  You are very curious because they are very different from the rest. They are not shy, but they are not excessive, they are very curious and experiment, they reinvent themselves and play as they please … If you kiss a Gemini, surely you will end your whole life comparing the rest of kisses with theirs and you will not find anyone who Does it the same or better. Never.

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Passion. Out of control, It shows you everything Cancer feels and can’t say with words … Cancer, through a kiss, shows you all your desires, your fears, your concerns and even the intentions you may have for later. Not even smart kisses, right? Well, they are, because Cancer loves to kiss passionately and fiercely to show his partner that he WILL BE THERE, that he wants commitment, that he wants security …

We assure you that when you try Cancer kisses, you will want to have them every morning by your side waking you up and reminding you how beautiful love is … With Cancer everything makes sense.

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Magic. Leo tries very hard in everything they do the kisses were not going to be less. Do you envy the typical kisses that appear in the most daring series? Well, those of Leo far outweigh them. Leo’s kisses have the strength they need, the light you love so much, the passion that is so lacking and the magic that makes a relationship always alive. They have the perfect fire, the perfect degree of desire is that ALL OF THEM ARE PERFECT, and when you have them in your life, you will not be able to and never want to erase them. In life … Leo’s kisses are the best of the whole zodiac.

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Virgo’s kisses convey a lot of security, honesty and special affection. Although they say that Virgo is not the joy of every house in person, they are wrong, because Virgo is a very affectionate person, but of course, he only shows it in intimacy and through his kisses … Virgo’s kisses taste like clouds, glory, pure sky and thanks to them, you can again believe in true love, in the movies where everything goes so perfect … Through them, you know if there will be chemistry later, or not because their kisses are like their personality: sincere and transparent. A kiss from a Virgo and you fall in love instantly.

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Libra’s kisses have nothing saints. They are not the typical super sweet and shy kisses that are satisfied with a small touch. Libra’s kisses are much worse than very intense … Of those that remain engraved in your mouth for life. Its flavor, its softness, the strength they take when they collide with other lips … The supposed little angel of Libra is very demon in privacy and who has had the privilege of knowing what they know, will know. They are also analytical, to the surprise of many people, Libra in that sense wants everything to be perfect and likes to do it very well.

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Scorpio’s kisses conquer you even if you don’t want to fall in love and you know it. They are really special, of the few that leave their mark for life. Sometimes when Scorpio is afraid, they become very, very intense, but basically are very sentimental, always loaded to maximum much spark, passion, and magnetism, because of Scorpio no kisses are just as cold as ice … Through his kisses, Scorpio shows the mood he has at that time. It is as if his kisses were the reflection of his soul, of his interior, of what his heart feels at that precise moment …

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They say that the Sagittarius are the best kissers, the ones who do everything best, the ones who leave the most footprint and the ones who know where to give yourself to make you lose your mind, but of passion … Sagittarius is smart even to kiss and He knows perfectly well what to do and what not to do to leave a mark for life. Their kisses are pure excitement, pure magnetism, they are very but very addictive and soft. Yes, that’s right, they are very, very soft, like velvet, although it gives them a lot of strength, they have a very subtle and very tender touch that makes you want more and more of them …

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The kisses of Capricorn take the prize to those who are more begging, but when they arrive, it is like when it rains in a place when there is a lot of droughts, a miracle fallen from the sky … Something glorious. Something really rich, good, necessary, positive, refreshing and really rewarding. Capricorn kisses transmit a lot of strength, confidence, security, and fidelity. When Capricorn kisses collide with other lips it is as if an electrical storm occurs  With chemistry, Capricorn kisses burn like fire, because they are intense and they are the only ones that can transport you to a new world …

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With Aquarius, it is a constant * adventure * because his kisses are not from this world. They are different, refreshing, very lively, very special and pleasant as anyone… It was obvious, Aquarius’ lips are AQUARIUS IN A PURE STATE, but to the surprise of many people, these lips convey something that not many people manage to convey: peace. Tranquility. Serenity. Trust. Feel that you are at home when you brush your lips with your lips … Aquarius is very capable of raising the temperature of the environment in a matter of seconds and we love it. Aquarius loves it and everyone is delighted. Although sweetie, he doesn’t give his kisses to anyone …

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If there is someone who really knows how to transmit it ALL through a single kiss, of course, that is Pisces. That’s right, Pisces thrills through his kisses. With them, it spreads your mood at the moment … Pisces kisses are tender but with a lot of power. They are very romantic, but be careful, because they also love to play and have a good time. Sometimes they confuse you because they can scare you for their intensity, but all they want is security. That’s right, Pisces asks for what he wants through his kisses and if these are accompanied by huge and lasting hugs, it’s all said. Pisces wants more. They fall in love and want it all …

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