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Everyone is in a bad mood or angry at times. How the individual deals with it and how much he lets his surroundings feel his bad mood and thus causes anger is also influenced by the zodiac sign. And three of them are notorious for their tantrums.

Some people are moodier, hotter, and more irritable than others. And that not only has to do with the individual character, the zodiac sign also plays a role. Some are just more irritable than others and, accordingly, get out of the skin faster. Which zodiac signs are we talking about here? Exactly, from the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. However, if you know this and know their special characteristics, you can also deal much better with their moods and tantrums.

Aries is easily irritable

Aries by nature have an easily irritable temperament. He often feels provoked by others, even if objectively this is not the case. And when he feels irritated by the other person, his angry side breaks through.

If you do not know this trait of Aries, you may react completely wrong to his outbursts of anger. Here N achgeben and B esch important offer, for who reacted aggressively to the intimidation of the ram, which makes the emotional imbalance worse. Aries do not shy away from confrontation in such situations and will then continue to rise in their anger. But as fast as the ram sometimes gets out of his skin, he usually calms down again – as long as he is not further provoked from his point of view. The wiser (and calmer) should just give in in such a case.

The shooter tends to tantrums

Like the Aries, the Sagittarius also reacts exaggeratedly irritable in some situations , although objectively speaking there is no intentional provocation from his interlocutor. The Sagittarius can then become very angry and tends to rudely push others into their supposed boundaries, even though there is usually  no border crossing at all .

The main problem for Sagittarius is that they do not even perceive their heat and impulsiveness as such. In his eyes it was always others who caused his anger, which is therefore only too justified. If you were to ask a Sagittarius whether he is prone to tantrums, you would get a clear “no” to the answer.

An angry Sagittarius is often difficult to calm down and, unfortunately, can also be very unforgiving. It therefore sometimes takes time to reconcile with a Sagittarius after a conflict situation.

The lion roars

Lions have their own mind and are rarely willing to compromise. If something does not fit in the eyes of a Leo, then he does not dwell on superfluous appeasement rhetoric. The Leo then goes straight into his confrontation mode, because from his point of view it must always be said immediately and unambiguously what needs to be said. And in any case, only he is right!

If his counterpart is just as intransigent in such a situation, for example because he feels attacked or hurt , the Leo can intensify into a true frenzy of anger. His peculiarity of not deviating a bit from his view of things then sometimes causes him to slide into almost childlike, defiant behavior patterns.

Fortunately, the Leo usually calms down just as quickly as he got excited. As soon as he feels that he has received enough attention , his anger subsides and the matter is settled for him.

Three most peaceful Zodiac

Tend, like Aries, Sagittarius and Leo to heated outbursts, there are also signs of the zodiac, occupy the other end of the spectrum accurately. With these zodiac signs it is almost an art to get into a conflict. Libra, for example, are generally empathetic towards their counterparts, can hardly be provoked and avoid conflicts. The same goes for fish. They are friendly and caring by nature and thus hardly offer a trigger for conflict situations. And if this does happen, they tend to give in. Fish are therefore true de-escalation artists.

Bulls also belong to the peaceful circle. They are generally regarded as stubborn, but in principle they are also just as helpful and patient. They are characterized by a considerate approach to their fellow human beings. To hurt someone else for no reason by word or deed is completely out of the question for them. Taurus therefore avoid openly criticizing others and thus automatically provoke less conflict situations with the hotheaded zodiac signs. These are qualities that the other zodiac signs can learn from when dealing with Aries, Sagittarius and Leo. Because they are and will remain what they are – namely largely unteachable … and at the same time passionate, self-confident, courageous and full of character! Who will save you from dire need? Who makes you soar in seventh heaven unexpectedly?

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