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These Are The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs In Love

Some signs are much more jealous in relationships than others, and this can be a real struggle for them.

What are the most jealous zodiac signs


Everyone knows Taurus is possessive. This is a zodiac sign that appreciates and values ​​material goods and, consequently, wants to create a beautiful and luxurious life to enjoy with the person he loves. This becomes a problem when he begins to look at his partner as something that belongs to him, so he considers it necessary to guard him and be jealous. He tends to be too suffocating, always waiting for his attention and time. What this native must accomplish is that by his attitude he does not bring his loved ones closer, but drives them away.


Leo is a proud zodiac sign, which wants to be always in the center of attention of those around him but especially of his life partner. If for various reasons, Leo feels that he is not receiving what he needs from his partner, he becomes insecure and resentful. Finally, it is his ego that, once crushed, can begin to turn him into his worst variant. As a result, this sign may close in and distance itself while licking its wounds, imaginary or real.


Virgo is a zodiac sign that fights envy in general. This is because it always demands a lot from her and because of her extremely critical nature. This disposition can also extend to her relationships, but it can manifest itself in the form of jealousy. The least she likes is to accuse her partner of having someone else or getting attention from someone else.


has problems with trust, and this is especially evident in his relationships. His feelings are very strong and it is difficult for him to manage them, as a result, he is in permanent self-defense. It’s better to think about what’s worse than to be betrayed, or so he thinks. This sign can go so far as to spy on the person next to him.

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