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The New Year’s Resolution Each Zodiac Sign Should Make (And Keep) In 2024

ARIES: Channel your energy into just one big project.

As a fire sign ruled by Mars, it’s in your nature to take action, sometimes before even putting serious thought into it. Because you’re always looking to be the first in everything, you have a difficult time slowing down. Your superpowers are being confident, bold, and creative, but your weakness lies in your impulsive nature. Rushing into new endeavors, you expect instantaneous results. Sometimes your impatience restrains you from following through. Feeling restless, you dive into the next big thing. You juggle multiple ventures at once, and then leave those on the back burner for new exciting ones. In the New Year, make it your resolution to channel your energy and strong emotions into a singular project. Don’t start a new one until you’ve finished what you’ve already set out for. Be patient, Aries. Don’t let boredom push you into abandoning something extraordinary before you get to the finishing stages. Remember that great things are never rushed.

TAURUS: Save your money for new experiences that will help you focus on the present.

Your fixed energy keeps you determined at successfully achieving your goals, but it also keeps you stuck in bad habits. In 2024, you should focus on breaking one of your most stubborn ones: your predisposition to spend money on things you don’t need. You’re a lover of luxury, comfort, and beauty. You work tirelessly, but you also tend to derive more pleasure from materialistic pursuits than in more fulfilling aims. Instead of spending so much of your hard-earned money on designer clothes, accessories, art, magazines, and take-out, save it to spend it on new experiences that push you outside of your comfort zone. Pick up a new hobby, sign up for a class, or book a few flights to foreign places. Do anything with all that cash that will add true value and excitement to your life. Spend it in ways and in places that will push the fear of what could be out of your mind and instead allow you to focus on enjoying the present.

GEMINI: Develop a personal relationship with yourself.

Your need for intellectual stimulation makes it difficult for you to ever slow down. There are multiple projects you’re simultaneously handling and excelling at, but you’re still ever so restless. You crave excitement and variety, so when you have a moment of downtime, you use it to socialize. After all, you are the life of every party. One of your strengths is your adaptability, but it can also be your weakness. You’re constantly shifting personalities depending on the situation and mood, as well as what others need you to be, and they’ve been demanding a lot from you. You’re always there to be of service to those around you to the point of neglecting your own self. Gemini, you can’t be everywhere at once, and you can’t prioritize the needs of others as well as your own. You have a beautiful, deep, and emotional side of you that needs caring for. In 2024, take time to be alone with your own thoughts and feelings. Set aside time where you can daydream, read, and create. Most importantly, develop a relationship with the most important person in your life: yourself. This New Year, do that, and you might finally stop feeling like there’s a half of you missing.

CANCER: Concentrate on your own well-being and happiness. 

Cancer, there’s nothing of more importance to you than friends and family. You’re extremely caring and thoughtful, and you always consider other people and their feelings before considering your own. Once you love someone, it’s for life. You do everything in your power to preserve the relationship. Sometimes that means even going against your own values and beliefs. You’re loyal to a fault. There’s so much stress being held in your body from putting your energy into the wrong people. This New Year, it’s time to cut out the toxicity from your life. Eliminate everything and everyone who drains your energy and causes conflict in your life. It’s the only way to run from your darker, more pessimistic side. You can’t change the world or those around you, but you can make changes yourself. Start by blocking those who only cause you pain. If those ties have already been severed, make it your aim to stop creeping on their social media. Starting out with these small simple steps can make a world of a difference. Make bigger strides by consistently writing in a journal to help with any overwhelming feelings that may arise. When you’re ready, get your beautiful self into therapy to open up about those emotional battles you’ve been keeping to yourself.

LEO: Focus on your friendships and practice gratitude.

You’re ruled by the Sun, so it’s no surprise that you thrive in the spotlight. You’re deeply attached to your achievements and how you’re perceived by others. You glow so brightly that sometimes it’s hard for you to take a step back to appreciate what you have. In 2024, you should learn to practice gratitude. Be thankful for what you have and how far you have come in conquering your goals. Take a moment to slow down and count your blessings. Don’t forget that many of those come in the form of friends. You’re a natural born leader, a gentle spirit, and devoted. It comes as no surprise that you can easily make friends. Others feel comfortable trusting you. You offer enthusiasm to those around you and help them see their own light, but sometimes your self-confidence veers into self-centeredness. Strive to become a more active listener. When someone comes to you to vent or for advice, avoid relating it to your own life. Instead, learn to quiet down and make them feel heard. You’re so incredible at expressing yourself, but sometimes your loved ones just need you to be a shoulder to lean on. They also need you to learn to be more flexible. Keep this in mind when you’re tempted to cancel plans that don’t fit into your agenda. Your desires can be grasped without neglecting the needs of those you love.

VIRGO: Celebrate small successes and set boundaries with others.

You’re hard-working, detail-oriented, and organized. Even though you’re always on top of everything, you constantly feel like you’re not doing well enough. In the New Year, you should strive to silence your harsh inner critic by celebrating all your successes, even the small ones. Celebrate promotions, raises, and big achievements, but don’t forget the little things. If you saved money, completed a DIY project, or knocked off a few books from your TBR piles, celebrate that, too. Reward yourself. Put yourself first. It’s time to learn to say no to others. You’ve been stretching yourself thin with work and by constantly being there for those you love. Your kind heart is afraid to disappoint others, so you always put yourself last, even in situations where you have to push your own emotions aside. You’re so careful with the feelings of others that you’ve been neglecting your own. Be more selfish in 2024. Establish boundaries. That overthinking voice that tells you you’re failing someone somehow by saying no is wrong. Learn to accept your own feelings as valid. If you’re feeling used or walked over, it’s because you are. Nurture yourself before anyone else this next year.

LIBRA: Spend more time alone and take a beat from social media.

Libra, you’re a social butterfly who flies from flower to flower, giving your time and energy to others. You’re lively and curious and love being on the scene. It’s in your nature to seek out new experiences and new people. You value harmony and often act as a mediator for others, but you have trouble tackling conflict in your own life. To the outside world, you appear self-confident, but on the inside you struggle with insecurity. A life that looks good is what you strive for. You let the thoughts and opinions of others affect you more than they should. Sometimes you even make decisions based on standards that are not your own. This New Year, set aside more “me time” to become more confident in your identity. Make an effort to be more comfortable being alone. Doing so will push you to listen to your internal voice and learn to trust your own instincts. Sorting out your desires and priorities will help you make firmer decisions in the new year. Stop comparing your life and journey to that of other people’s and meet your own personal expectations. Remember that what you see on social media isn’t always the reality of things, much like your carefully curated grid. Try to be more strict with yourself about how much time you spend on IG. It will help you reach a better mental headspace in the new year.

SCORPIO: Be more vulnerable and learn how to trust people more.

People find you mysterious, intimidating, and closed off. You can even come off as cold to others, but you’re tender-hearted beneath that tough outer shell. You’re misunderstood, Scorpio, but you don’t do much to help yourself be truly seen. You’ve been hurt a lot in the past, and this has pushed you into mistaking fear for intuition. Suspicion and paranoia have driven you to toxic and self-sabotaging behaviors. You don’t forgive or forget, so you have a hard time trusting others. The problem is that you’re letting your past experiences demolish new ones. You’ve put so much effort into being impenetrable that you’ve started to isolate yourself. What you want the most is also what you most fear: to surrender yourself to complete intimacy. In 2024, break your self-imposed restrictions, and let others in more. You’re extremely perceptive, Scorpio, and you’ll know when you’re placing your trust and heart into the right hands. Let go of control and you just might find the deep understanding you’ve yearned for all your life.

SAGITTARIUS: Read more books.

Your luggage has been dragged from one coast of the country to the other, and your passport has probably been stamped in far corners of the world. You’ve wandered searching for the essence of life. Your endless thirst for insight and adventure have pushed you to immerse yourself in new places. The mind of a Sagittarius is inquisitive, always looking to expand and broaden its horizons. The love you have for exploration is tied to your need to soak up new information. Many mistake you for an adrenaline junkie, but you just want to experience everything life has to offer. Your bank account is hurting from all that travel, but staying put for long makes you feel restless. In 2024, expand your wealth of knowledge by reading more books. You can plant your feet for a little bit and still be able to nurture your lively and philosophical nature. Through reading, you’ll be able to explore other cultures, see from other people’s perspectives, and come closer to unlocking the mysteries of the universe (and without booking a flight). You work hard and play hard, it will serve as a way to unwind as well. You need solo time to reboot, anyway. There’s no better way to connect with your deeper self than with a book.

CAPRICORN: Prioritize self-care and take more risks.

Capricorn, you’re fully in control of your destiny. You know exactly what you want and you adhere to a strict code of rules in order to achieve those things. Your discipline in achieving your goals drives you to overthink your every move. You’re overworked and your self-control is killing you slowly. Truthfully, you’re overextended in too many directions, and not just with work. You tend to yourself second to others, placing a lot of attention on their needs. Your big heart makes it difficult not to worry about the lives of loved ones. You just want to help, so you don’t mind guiding them or helping them manage their problems. Your focus on others and on the big picture have made you neglect the small things. In 2024, make an effort to take better care of yourself and let loose. Think of it as work you’re putting forth into being happy. Treat yourself with love and softness. Self-care doesn’t have to be grand or luxurious. It can be as simple as setting aside time each day where you don’t focus on productivity, using up your vacation days, or treating yourself to the occasional staycation. Break free from self-imposed boundaries and traditional norms this New Year. Instill your life with more fun and relaxation. You’ve got to enjoy the little moments on the road to success.

AQUARIUS: Volunteer for a cause you care for.

Aquarius, you tend to get down and overwhelmed about the horrors happening globally. You’re a humanitarian by nature, with a strong sense of social justice. Sometimes it makes you feel helpless. You want to make the world a better place, and not for yourself, but because you think about what’s best collectively for people. You have a warmth about you and an ability to see others without prejudice, but you feel as though you could be doing more for change. Make it your New Year’s resolution to pick an idealistic cause close to your heart to do more volunteer work for. Your light and effortless determination will inspire others and lift them up. It will make you feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. Being part of an open-minded community with the same values as yours will make you feel your best.

PISCES: Nurture your artistic talent. 

You’re spiritually in tune with the world around you. You have a great intuitive understanding of nature, the cycles of life, and humanity. There’s an incredible emotional capacity in you that leaves you incredibly sensitive to your surroundings. You’re so compassionate that outer emotions tend to overwhelm you. Sometimes it’s hard to separate your feelings from those of others. You’re the zodiac’s therapist, always there to lend an ear, but you find it difficult to let your guard down and open up. You can get stuck in your head, spiraling about your problems, and you still won’t ask for help or express yourself. Even in pain, struggle, and heartache, you’re able to find beauty. You know that there’s more to life than what we can understand or see, and it’s time for you to share that magic with the world. Make it your resolution to harness your dreaminess and creative powers. Share your heart through artistry and self-expression. Nurture your artistic talents in 2024. If you don’t know what those are yet, then set out to discover them. Let your imagination run wild through writing, dance, painting, music, or poetry. What are you passionate about, Pisces? Inspire others with it this New Year.

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