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If You’re Bad At Listening, Don’t Date These 4 Signs

Listening when your partner speaks is the bare minimum. If you care what they have to say, then you should be paying close attention and asking questions when they speak. You should be acting present and engaged instead of only pretending to care. Here are some zodiacs that you’ll have trouble maintaining a relationship with if you’re bad at listening and are simply waiting for your own turn to speak all the time:


Scorpios don’t want to repeat themselves. They feel like telling you once is more than enough. If they state a boundary and you ignore it and cross it, they are going to be fed up with you. It’s the same if they mention that they love or hate something specific and you completely forget. They want a partner who is paying close attention when they speak, who remembers the little things that they say. They aren’t going to break up with you over one day of daydreaming — but if it becomes a habit, they aren’t going to see the point in speaking to you anymore.


Geminis love to talk — but they aren’t doing it just to hear the sound of their own voice. They’re trying to form deep, meaningful connections with others. They are social butterflies who genuinely care about what others have to say — and they hope you care what they have to say too. If you aren’t listening when they’re speaking and are simply nodding along (or worse, are staring at your phone), then they’re going to feel like you don’t respect them. They’re going to wonder why you’re even spending time with them if you aren’t interested in their thoughts and opinions.


Causally listening to this sign isn’t enough. Leos want you to hang on every word that they say. They are natural storytellers, so they expect you to be entertained by their tales. They expect you to want to hear more, not less. If you are only half paying attention when they speak, they are going to be annoyed. They don’t want you thinking about the chores you have to complete later — or worse, staring at your phone and paying attention to other people. They want the attention on them. If you’re not enjoying their company, then there’s no reason to stay together anyway. They only want to date people who genuinely like their personality, not just their looks.


Pisces pay close attention when others speak. They genuinely want to hear what you have to say because they value your thoughts and opinions. And they’re hoping you feel the same. If you clearly aren’t paying attention when they’re speaking and are lost in your own world, they are going to take it to heart. This sign is sensitive, so they don’t take it well when they’re ignored. It makes them feel unimportant — and their person should never make them feel that way. Their person should make them feel like they matter. Like they’re intelligent and interesting. They won’t settle for anything less.

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