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5 Zodiacs You Can’t Trust With Your Secrets

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There’s a reason people keep things secret—because revealing them can result in harm, whether personal, social, or financial. If one’s secrets are revealed, it can result in tremendous personal shame and emotional damage. That’s why people who can’t keep a secret are to be avoided at all costs.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that not every member of these following zodiac signs is prone to this toxic behavior. In every case, those who tend to gossip and share hurtful secrets about others only comprise a tiny minority of each sign. With that said, these are the zodiac signs most likely to spill your secrets to make you feel worse in a sad attempt to make themselves feel better.

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1. Gemini: Deflection

Oh, the two-faced Twins. They love to gossip. Live to gossip. Thrive on gossip. They feel perfectly entitled to share everything that you told them with everyone—including those who didn’t ask, and even those who say they’d rather not hear any of it once they start spilling the beans. Here’s what you need to know about these types—as much as they enjoy gossiping, they HATE to be the subject of gossip. Watch how they cry foul when you turn the tables and start sharing some of their secrets with others, even though they felt perfectly entitled to spill the dirt about you. They share others’ secrets as a way to deflect from their own deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy.

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2. Aries: Sadism

The tiny subset of Aries members who can’t be trusted with your personal secrets feel a hidden sense of power knowing things that others don’t. They get a sick thrill from hearing negative information about other people. They get an even sicker thrill from spreading the negative information around to others. They will use your secrets as weapons against you. They will even stretch the truth about what you told them. They are emotionally sadistic because they are easily bruised. To hide their own hurt and pain, they lash out to hurt others. In most cases they’ve been hurt in the past, and to them, they somehow feel that hurting people in the present is some form of revenge, which makes zero sense, because they often take “revenge” against the people who never hurt them in the first place.

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3. Libra: Boredom

The small quotient of Libras who can never be trusted with your secrets are that way because their lives are so boring, they really have nothing better to do. Their own lives are so uneventful, it’d more exciting to watch a fly crawl up a set of drapes than to spend any amount of time with them. Spreading rumors—often exaggerated or even entirely false—injects their own desperately dull lives with a sense of intrigue and stimulation. They can only muster a meager, puny, measly sense of excitement in their own lives by attempting to create chaos in the lives of others.

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4. Pisces: Projection

Most Pisces can be trusted with your secrets, but there’s always one fish in the pond who swims the other way. The reason these types love spreading rumors about others is because they’re projecting. It’s because they harbor a ton of embarrassing personal secrets. It’s a weird preemptive move meant to deflect attention away from the Costco-sized warehouse of embarrassing secrets they have about themselves. They seem to think that by gossiping about others, no one would ever suspect them of having any dirty laundry.

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5. Leo: Awkwardness

The small handful of Leos who like to divulge secrets and spread rumors about others tend to be loners. Socially awkward, they feel like outsiders and desperately want to fit in, so they run to the in-crowd like an eager squirrel with a shiny new acorn carrying some embarrassing tidbit about someone they all know and generally respect. Ironically, these types have probably been the victim of group gossip and social ostracism before. But instead of learning from their pain, they seek to foist it on someone else. They only wind up compounding their own problems by perpetuating the cycle of abuse. Don’t let them make you their next victim.

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