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If You’re Bad At Compromising, A Relationship With These 4 Signs Won’t Work

Compromising is important in any relationship. After all, it’s not fair for one person to get their way all the time. Relationships are supposed to be a two-way street. Both parties are supposed to be happy with decisions that are made as a couple. You’re supposed to be equals, a team, especially when you’re dating certain signs. Here are some zodiacs that you’ll have trouble dating if you’re bad at compromising:


Aries are one of the most stubborn signs in the zodiac. They aren’t going to last in a relationship where they’re being ordered around and told what to do. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should let them order you around. If you’re a pushover or act too nice and always let them get their way, then the relationship will suffer in an entirely different way. Aries value passion so they don’t want a partner without a backbone. They want someone who will stand up to them — but also listen to them. Someone who will meet them in the middle and come to a compromise so that they’re both happy in the end.


Libras are all about balance, peace, love, and harmony. They cannot stand confrontation, so if you’re bad at compromising and insist on getting your way, it’s going to rub a Libra the wrong way. They’re going to feel uncomfortable speaking honestly with you — which is a bad sign for the relationship. Libras need a partner who is good at compromising so that they can have mature conversations about problems without worrying about it turning into a screaming match. This sign needs to feel comfortable coming to you with concerns and issues without feeling like it’s a fight waiting to happen.


Capricorns are one of the most logical, practical signs in the zodiac. They are able to push their feelings aside in order to look at a situation logically — and they expect you to do the same. They are all about compromise, teamwork, and fairness, so they will always hear what you have to say. They will hold your opinion highly and genuinely consider your point of view. But if you won’t do the same for them, they’ll feel slighted. They need a partner who considers them a real equal. A partner who wants to do the best thing for the relationship as a whole, not for themselves overall.


Leos are passionate. They never give up, so if they want something, they will fight tooth and nail to get it. If you feel differently, then you need to make a convincing argument to this sign. Otherwise, they are going to continue assuming that they’re right. Compromise is important in a relationship with a Leo because sometimes they forget that they’re not the one in charge. If you’re not careful, this sign could end up ordering you around and telling you what to do. After all, they’re a natural leader. Instructing others comes naturally to them. So you need to remember that your opinion matters too. If you forget this, they might too.

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