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Ranking Of The Most EGOCENETIC Signs

We all know that loving yourself and having self-love is something that makes you a better person, something that makes you grow and, above all, believe in yourself. But there are people who take this to the extreme and others who don’t even know how to love themselves. Although loving oneself can bring a lot of positive things, doing it in excess can make us seem narcissistic or too self-centered. Here is the classification of the most humble to most egocentric signs:

  1. Pisces:

It is 100% proven that Pisces is the humblest sign of the Zodiac, also the one with the most self-love missing. Pisces is a person who is always thinking of others, is always aware that none of those around him suffer. He is very aware of how his words and actions can harm others. And sometimes you can forget about yourself. That’s where the problems begin, he forgets that he can become a powerful person, that he can get anything he wants.

Pisces knows how to love, but does not know how to love himself and therein lies the problem. He is too humble, to such an extent that sometimes he is not healthy for himself. But it is in his nature to be like that, Pisces is happy to see others happy, it is something that cannot be avoided.

  1. Sagittarius:

Sagittarius is that person who is not afraid to say things as they are, is one of those who do not mind hurting the feelings of those people who know they deserve it. If Sagi perceives that you are an obstacle in his life or that you are someone who steals energy from him, he will have no problem getting you out of his life. Be careful, because this does not mean that you have no heart, it is more, if you really care, Sagittarius will know how to take care of you and keep you by his side.

Although this sign is not the most egocentric of the Zodiac, its ego is quite large at times. He does not always like to listen to others and usually cares enough for his own image and for the image that others take of him. That first, Sagi may seem more self-centered than he really is.

  1. Libra:

It is true that Libra loves to talk about himself and he also likes to be praised, to congratulate him when he does things well and to feel loved. He loves that people remind him of how special he is and the light so bright it always gives off. But, the difference with other signs that are much more self-centered and narcissistic, is that Libra has no problem being as friendly as others are with him or her.

It helps Libra to help others, and even send occasional praise to the people he loves. He has no problem making good compliments and being honest with the people around him. Do not expect the false behavior of Libra. It tells you everything you think at all times, it is not of those people who will only tell you the good to look good. Libra loves to be real and that is what makes him so special

  1. Gemini:

Gemini is too kind to consider him self-centered. Although it is true, the way he likes to talk about himself can sometimes make him seem a little self-centered, but that stays in the words and does not go beyond. In relationships, Gemini is where he realizes that he cannot force people to listen to him all the time.

Gemini is not the typical person who looks at the navel himself and pretends that others also look at him. Not so, in a relationship, Gemini is more than sharing absolutely everything, both problems, and achievements. Of course, he also likes to meet their needs, and if he meets a person who is not capable of it, he will have no problem taking it out of his life immediately. Gemini can become a humble and kind person, but he knows where the limits are.

  1. Cancer:

Everyone who knows Cancer knows that there are times when he is a little self-centered. The crab is known to be someone who needs constant attention and only for that reason could it have a 10% egocentrism in its body, but nothing else. Cancer needs to feel validated, it needs to feel that it has the support and love of its people.

He can also be a bit self-centered in the sense that he wants everything he gives to others to be received back. He hopes they will give him the same as he gives to others. But make no mistake, usually, Cancer is usually a very kind and very attentive person. Do not be scared because Cancer is a very easy person to treat normally. It may have moments when the center of the universe is created, but it lasts only a few minutes.

  1. Taurus:

As soon as you meet Taurus, it is true that you may come to think that he is a very self-centered person, who only cares about himself and no one else. But in reality, it is not like that … You have to get to know Taurus very well in order to judge him because his appearances most of the time deceiving. Once you really know how it is, you will discover that it is not as egocentric as you thought.

It is one of those people who does not mind helping you if he knows you need it, moreover, with his family and his closest people he is the one who leaves everything to go to help them. That egocentric has very little. Taurus is more humble than you can imagine. Yes, there are times that he is too competitive and he does not like people to touch his things, but that does not make him a person who only knows how to look at his belly button. Taurus is not like that and will never be like that.

  1. Capricorn:

Another thing not, but Capricorn is a great advocate that things are always as fair as possible. Always try to treat others the same way they have treated him/her. Capricorn is very aware of the damage that can be done with his words or with his actions, so he always tries to be as fair as possible to everyone.

The problem with Capricorn is that there are times that it is too cold with others and with itself. Capricorn is that person who tries to control his feelings at all times so as not to harm himself. Capri lacks a lot of self-esteem, knows that he is strong, knows that he will get anything he wants, but it is one of those who prefer to see the glass half empty to half full. He knows who he is and all the power he has inside, but he is very humble and does not need to scrub him around.

  1. Aries:

We already enter swampy terrain. We are talking about Aries, a sign that has enough ego, but that has nothing to do with being self-centered. Aries is a very ambitious person, someone who cares too much about his dignity and his own goals. It is one of those that works to maintain a good image and above all that works to achieve its purposes. If you really want Aries to listen to you, you will have to do everything possible to do so.

Aries has the bar high and does not let anyone into his life. He has many things to achieve yet and, if he thinks you are someone who comes only to interrupt him, he will not let you into his life. Aries knows that he is not the best in the world, that there are many people who are still above him, but instead of being humble and accepting things as they are, Aries is one of those who struggle to bring down all those people who are above.

  1. Virgo:

When it comes to being the best, Virgo is one of those signs that do anything to always stay above. You can talk about Virgo’s pride and ego for hours and hours. Even, without hardly realizing it, Virgo is able to spend a lot of time talking about himself, even if you haven’t even asked him. He may not express it in words, but Virgo is one of those who believes himself to be the best wherever he goes and that is, in part, surely. The intelligence you have is not comparable to that of any other sign.

Virgo is unable to withstand almost any criticism unless they are constructive and sometimes not even that. He is always the best of the best and for them, there should be no criticism. The problem of being like this comes when you are in a relationship with another person. That strong character and that great ego can make sparks jump from time to time. Because you also have to remember that a Virgo will never give his arm to twist, even when he knows he is wrong. If you are going to argue with Virgo, make sure you have compelling arguments because otherwise you will be totally lost.

  1. Aquarius:

Of the air signs, Aquarius is the most egocentric sign. And it is that by its independence and by its freedom it is able to do anything. Be careful, because being independent is not bad, in fact, many people see independence as attractive. But you also have to know that Aquarius is someone who will never let his emotions get in his way. Basically, you won’t let anyone try to bother you at any time. If he has to get rid of you to reach his goal, Aquarius will have no problem doing it.

He is a very intelligent person who aspires to reach very high. If you want to be with Aquarius, you have to be as special as her/him, but you will never want her to be better than she/he. Aquarius loves to serve as motivation and inspiration for others, even if he doesn’t recognize it, he loves to serve as a reference. But you have to be careful because if you feel someone is stealing your attention or trying to compete, that’s when things start to get pretty murky.

  1. Scorpio:

The ego of a Scorpio can become as dangerous as its poison. It is important to be very careful if you are going to go against it at some point because you can get very hurt. It is not that he is a more stubborn person than the signs of land, but he is much more dangerous. The most annoying thing about Scorpio is not the fact that it is difficult to get the opposite, the most annoying thing is that if he notices that you are taking the opposite he will do anything to get over it. He doesn’t mind stepping on you, he doesn’t mind putting stones in your path. Pride and its ego reach that level.

He can be humble, but he will only be with the closest people, with his best friends, and with his relatives, but sometimes not even that. Scorpio doesn’t mind hurting if he really knows you deserve it. He is not the person who has more self-esteem in the Zodiac, but he knows that he is someone powerful. He may not have the best self-esteem in the world, but he is very clear that he came to the world to be the best.

  1. Leo:

Leo always has to be first in everything because if he isn’t, he can get angry and a lot. Leo lacks neither self-esteem, nor self-esteem, nor pride, nor ego. It is well served in all aspects. In the good, a lion is a person who trusts a lot in himself and thanks to that trust he has come very far almost always. Leo always has to be the center of attention, he doesn’t care that others look at him, he doesn’t care if they talk about him, because that to him means he is above others. The bad thing comes when someone tries to compete with him, that’s when he is able to get heavy artillery.

Leo is a VERY competitive person and is capable of doing anything to be first. Also, the negative aspect is when it comes to having a relationship with Leo. It is quite difficult to deal with a person who has so much ego and such a strong character. Leo can become very self-centered if he proposes it, but he knows perfectly where the limits are, although there are times when the self-control fails him a little …

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