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“I Won’t Commit To You Until…” Based On Your Zodiac

Commitment is a huge step to take in a relationship. However, commitment is beyond just being exclusive. Commitment means that you are all in, through the beautiful times and the grueling. Commitment means you are taking a risk in devoting your heart to someone else. Commitment means you are determined to put in the effort to make a relationship work.

Commitment takes vulnerability and surrender, but it also takes a fair amount of awareness. You need to understand yourself and what you need in a partner before you take the plunge of true commitment to another person.

As such, here is how you know when it is right to commit to someone else, based on your zodiac sign.


“I won’t commit to you until I know you will respect my freedom.”

Aries is all fire. Confident and deeply independent, Aries likes to do things their way. Coupled with the fact Aries is a natural-born leader, Aries definitely does not like to feel stifled or like they are being controlled in any way. Interfering with Aries’ freedom is as sure-fire way to let them know someone is not the right person for them.

If you’re an Aries, you won’t commit to someone until you see that that they have, and will, respect your need for space and doing your own thing. You require a partner who allows you to explore your interests, passions, and joys on your own terms.


“I won’t commit to you until I feel you are made of forever potential.”

Taurus is a grounded earth sign who takes relationships extremely seriously. Basically, Taurus wants forever or nothing at all. This is because Taurus craves stability above everything else, and what could be more consistent than forever? Taurus needs a person who is not only compatible with them and their life but also shows they are serious about commitment.

If you’re a Taurus, you won’t commit to someone until you feel that they have the framework of lasting forever. This means that they have complementary values and visions as well as being ready for commitment. Because you don’t really see the point in dating around and going with the flow, someone who says that’s where they are at will immediately be a no for you. You need someone who is on board with committing or you’re out the door.


“I won’t commit to you until I see you can communicate.”

Gemini is intellectual, curious, and an excellent conversationalist. As such, honesty and communication are huge values for Gemini. They want to know everything there is to know about the world around them, and this includes the people that inhabit it. If Gemini is interested in you romantically, they will want to get to know you on a profound level (and will do so by asking you a million questions about yourself).

If you’re a Gemini, you won’t commit to someone until you see they have healthy and open communication skills. You aren’t into reading minds, and you definitely aren’t into playing games, so someone who expects you to do either of those things to win them over is sure to lose you in the process. You need someone who is able to meet you where you’re at. Otherwise, you’re disinterested.


“I won’t commit to you until I know you’re a safe person.”

Cancer does not come out of their shell for just anyone. Trust is earned, not freely given, when it comes to Cancer. Someone needs to show they are trustworthy and compassionate before Cancer lets them in. Cancer needs to feel 100 percent safe before they allow someone into their world, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. It takes Cancer a long time to open up romantically because they are afraid of getting hurt and giving their heart to the wrong person.

If you’re a Cancer, you need to see someone is truly a safe person before you commit to them. This is particularly true when it comes to feeling emotionally sound. Since you are ruled by the moon, you are highly intuitive and emotional. You will require a lot of reassurance from your partner, so you need someone who is both willing to give you that love (and not make you feel silly for asking).


“I won’t commit to you until I know that you see my worth.”

Leo is a fire sign who is a doting, loyal partner. With that said, Leo requires that same energy delivered back to them from their person, too. Leo will call it quits with someone the very second they sense they aren’t being fully celebrated. Leo knows their worth and aren’t willing to settle for someone who doesn’t see it (nor will they waste their time trying to convince them).

If you’re a Leo, you won’t commit to someone until they have shown you that they value you and see how lucky they are to have you. You need someone to show you off when you’re in public, who isn’t shy about PDA and is more than open about the fact that you have their heart in the palm of your hands.


“I won’t commit to you until I know you appreciate me and everything I do for you.”

Romantically, Virgo is an incredibly attentive, present partner. Virgo shows their love through acts of service. They truly adore helping their person accomplish everything they need to do. Nothing is too big of an ask for a Virgo in love, so long as they know they are being seen and appreciated for their generous ways.

If you’re a Virgo, you need to feel appreciated before you commit. You do a lot for the people you love, especially if you’re interested romantically, but you refuse to lock it down until you know that someone is truly grateful for you. After all, you know you deserve to be appreciated, not tolerated.


Libra is represented by the scales, meaning they are quite literally all about balance. Libra craves feelings of harmony and peace, especially when it comes to their relationship. Libra isn’t about the games and they definitely aren’t about fighting for affection. Libra takes their time when it comes to commitment, so if someone wants to be with Libra, they need to be in it for the long haul and ready to be patient with Libra’s initially aloof demeanor.

If you’re a Libra, you love love but aren’t about rushing into a committed relationship. You prefer to take your time and make sure someone is a good fit before you’re all in. You’re not about drama and if someone pushes you to commit before you’re ready, this will stress you out and make you want to distance yourself from that person. You need someone who makes you feel peaceful, like you’ve just come home after a long time away.


Scorpio is highly emotional and intuitive, and deeply connected to the energies of the world around them. Despite this, people do not realize how sensitive this water sign truly is. Because they will hide everything they feel behind a tough, impossible-to-read exterior. Scorpio can also be deeply suspicious, constantly observing everyone in their midst, waiting to see if they need to launch their stinger and protect themselves from potential betrayal.

If you’re a Scorpio, you know a thing or two about having trust issues. You know how severe heartbreak feels for your soft interior and you don’t want to go through the pain again if you can help it. You won’t commit to someone else until they’ve shown they are ready to devote themselves to you and that they are 120 percent trustworthy. You need to see something to believe it, and someone who wants your heart will have to work adamantly to prove themselves as worthy of your love.


“I won’t commit to you until I know you’re my adventure partner.”

Sagittarius is hard to pin down and won’t commit easily because they value adventures and freedom above all else. If Sagittarius is going to commit to someone else, that person has to high energy and ready to explore. Sagittarius is deeply curious about the world and wants to make sure they are able to see every corner they can while they’re here.

If you’re a Sagittarius, you won’t commit to someone until someone has shown you that they are just as adventurous (and maybe impulsive) as you. You are looking for your partner-in-crime, someone who is willing to live life on the edge and let things get a little chaotic now and then. You need someone who is as full of life as you. No one else will do.


“I won’t commit to you until I see that you are truly responsible.”

Capricorn is all business in pretty much every area of their life. Capricorn is constantly weighing the pros and cons of any decision, always wanting to be 100 percent sure they are making the most beneficial choice at any given moment. No time to waste, after all! Capricorn understands that life is incredibly short and they want to make the most of it by being as responsible as possible.

If you’re a Capricorn, you won’t commit to someone until you see that they are as responsible as you are. You don’t want to be spend a relationship begging and nagging a partner to do the things they should already be doing. You don’t want to be picking up the slack all the time. You want someone who is your partner, not a project.


“I won’t commit to you until I know you love me for me.”

Aquarius is not easy to understand, and that’s exactly how they like it. That said, Aquarius still wants to be appreciated for how different they they are. Aquarius doesn’t believe in following the status quo and they believe in carving their own beautifully unique path. Aquarius wants to live their most authentic life and doesn’t want to have to over-explain themselves to anyone.

If you’re an Aquarius, you won’t commit to someone until you know that they will love you for you. You don’t settle down easily, and you won’t compromise who you are to fulfill someone else’s idea of who or what you should be. It’s either all of you or none of you. Full stop.


“I won’t commit to you until I know you’re the person of my dreams.”

Pisces is one of the most idealistic and dreamy of the entire zodiac. Hopelessly romantic and eager to fall, Pisces wants a big love because they don’t know how else to love other than deeply and completely. That said, Pisces doesn’t want to just love anyone. They want someone who is worthy of their devotion. In other words, they want the person they’ve dreamt about since they were a little kid.

If you’re a Pisces, you want your fairytale romance. You not only want a happily ever after, you need it like water. If you aren’t head over heels for someone you’ve been seeing, it will never move beyond casual. If you’re going to commit to someone else, you need the fireworks, the sparks, and the absolute thrill of falling for someone who was made just for you.

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