Zodiac Signs

How You Want To Be Loved Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Bold, passionate, and fiery, you need a partner who will encourage you to thrive and won’t stifle you in any way. If you tend to be clingy, needy, or controlling in relationships… dating an Aries is not for you. What they want most is a partner who will encourage them to pursue their interests, passions, and infinite hobbies. This person doesn’t necessarily need to like all the same things, but they need to support the Aries’ ambitions… if not, the relationship won’t have much of a leg to stand on. Aries need a partner who can keep up with them and who isn’t afraid to be direct and honest. They have no time or patience for passive-aggression or someone too scared to speak up.

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Reliable, romantic, and stable, a Taurus needs a partner who can appreciate these attributes. A Taurus feels most loved by a partner who makes them feel secure. They’re not interested in the chase or games or hinting around about feelings. They need someone consistent and reliable, otherwise, they will get frustrated and lose interest.

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Keeping up with a Gemini is no easy feat. They have many interests and many moods. Geminis feel loved by partners who challenge them intellectually and even emotionally. They need someone fun, lively, and interesting otherwise their interest will wane. Geminis also really benefit from partners who are more grounded and stable since they can be so airy and flighty.

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You are hardwired to be a nurturer and genuinely enjoy taking care of others. The way you feel loved is by being appreciated for your efforts. If you don’t feel appreciated, you may withdraw and become bitter and resentful. You don’t care for others merely for the praise,  but everyone liked to feel seen and valued.

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While you are confident and strong, you crave words of affirmation from your partner. That ego of yours needs a good stroking from time to time and the right person for you will know how to give it to you so that your light can shine even brighter. You can sometimes veer into self-centered territory so you benefit from being with someone who can steer you back in a gentle way.

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You love to do things for the ones you love. Feeling productive gives you a sense of value and meaning. But sometimes you can go a little far without and end up feeling drained and burnt out.The best partner for you is one who also enjoys doing acts of service and can also make you feel seen and taken care of.

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Nothing lights you up more than romance and thoughtfulness. Unique date ideas, creative gifts, it really is the thought that counts with you! You have a tendency to avoid conflicts so you also would benefit from a partner who is direct (but in a non-confrontational way), so that issues can be aired out respectfully without resentment building up.

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You are naturally distrusting, you think people have ulterior motives and are hyper-vigilant about being hurt. The way you feel loved is by being with someone trustworthy and honest. You need to know where you stand with someone and where their intentions lie. You also benefit from being with someone who can put up boundaries because you have a tendency to cling too tightly and be too controlling. With the right partner who gives you a sense of security, these impulses can be tempered.

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You feel loved when a partner respects your inherent playful, fun-loving disposition. You can’t be with someone too tightly wound or controlling. You love life and want to experience all it has to offer and want a partner who supports this and shares your enthusiasm on some level.

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You are intensely driven and motivated, you’re always doing and striving to be the best. While you do this for yourself, you feel loved when people are thoughtful and show you admiration and respect for who you are and what you’ve accomplished. You can’t be with someone who will dismiss or undermine your drive. You need steady support and won’t want to be in a relationship without that.

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You are unique and one of a kind and need a partner who appreciates that. You can get easily bored and feel loved by partners who keep it interesting and make an effort to be intellectually stimulating. You can easily feel claustrophobic in a relationship and need a partner who will happily give you space at times to regroup and get back to yourself.

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Tender and sweet, you are one of the most loving and devoted signs in the zodiac. You will do anything for your partner and what reaches your heart the most is affection in any form. You also need to feel appreciated otherwise you can become resentful and feel like you do everything for everyone and get nothing back.

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