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The Reason Why We Are Unhappy Based On The Zodiac Signs

We want to be happy but many times we fail to find happiness, and we always end up thinking why are we unhappy? What is the cause of our unhappiness? The reason can vary and can be many. Here we have come up with some of the reasons why we are unhappy based on the zodiac signs.



You have a lot of burning passion within you. But don’t forget to take care of your emotions. You often tend to act on impulses, sometimes it brings out good but other times it doesn’t. And don’t stop yourself from the fear of doing wrong. Try to keep calm but don’t settle in so much. Because if you do so, you may end up being unhappy and you will again question yourself as to why are we so unhappy?



You can’t control everything, you need to let go of the things which are making you feel drained. Use your stubbornness, and wanting to make people grounded cannot let you feel at ease. Understand, not everyone can be controlled. If you try to control everyone and everything you will be unhappy.



Don’t be everywhere. Your communication should be used in the best manner. Don’t waste your time on comforting others. Don’t try to understand their life, you can’t just be so committed to others. And stop thinking about what others are thinking about you, balance it.
You need to feel yourself too. As if you don’t do it you will find the answer to why we feel unhappy?



You can’t solve everyone’s problem, you don’t have to over-commit yourself to others. They can handle their own problems. You need to deal with your own problems first. You are a nurturer but you also need to nurture yourself first. Remember it your happiness should be your first priority.



You need to let go of your past, stop making yourself feel stressed. You have to accept that your people will continue their life without you. Accept the fact that people changes and it is inevitable. If you don’t want unhappiness stop holding and start leading.



It’s okay to talk about your problems, don’t try to be so overanalyzing on the problems. Start accepting that you also feel pain. Life is not always happy. Once you start feeling your emotions and have control over it. You can feel at ease.



Not everyone can accept you the way you are. Stop yourself from seeking acceptance from the people who don’t even care. Whatever your ideas are, not everyone will like it. Try to be a little more introspective towards others’ thoughts.



Don’t use your emotions so much on others, don’t care about being judged. Stop worrying about others’ opinions. You are not defined by their views, you are defined by who you are. You have to be sure about yourself and accept your own ideas and flaws. The answer to why we are unhappy is your fear over what others will say.



You are trying so much to help others to be happy. You give advice but can you give advice to yourself? Don’t think life is all about it. The truth is you are trying to find yourself in another life. You are wanting to analyze and understand your own problems from them. But you are not understanding it and stop attaching yourself to others. Live for your own happiness.



Having so many ideas on your head can’t change the world, you have to start working on it. This is the main reason why you are unhappy, you don’t grow your ideas into execution. You start and stop. Continue it!! Continue it if you don’t want unhappiness in your life.



You know that you love freedom, you are not the person who want to explain things to everyone. But you still do it, one way or another and you worry about it a lot. You also need to balance your life, because you can’t just think about the enjoyment, you have people who care.



Don’t try to be everything. We know you have lots of imagination and talents but can you at least respect that? You have to stick to what you already have and create out of it. Because that’s enough. Don’t help everyone by believing that they are also like you, not everyone is the same. And While wanting more in life you forgot to work on your own ideas.

You can be happy, stop thinking about why we are unhappy, and start thinking about how can we multiply our happiness.

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