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How To Thrive While Single, Based On Your Zodiac Sign + Tarot

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Sure, being single can definitely be lonely at times. However, being single can also be the best, so long as you do it right! There are so many awesome ways to make the most of your single life and truly thrive. Here’s how you can do just that, based on your zodiac sign and tarot.

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Your Card: King Of Cups

Aries, the King Of Cups is calling you to work on your emotional intelligence and establish your boundaries. After all, boundaries just don’t apply to others, Aries. Boundaries are also between you and yourself! Use your time while single to seriously slow down and consider what serves you, what doesn’t, what hurts you, and what heals you. These will shape your boundaries.

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Your Card: Queen Of Wands (Reversed)

Taurus, you are deeply rooted in yourself and your beliefs, and the Queen Of Wands (Reversed) confirms this. Your journey here hasn’t always been an easy road but it was worth it. Just look at you now! You are self-assured and confident in what you have to offer. You also know what you deserve and aren’t willing to settle for anything less. All of this said, to truly thrive while single, continue turning inward and taking your needs, wants, and hopes seriously. Answer your soul’s calling. Watch your world expand.

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Your Card: The Hermit (Reversed)

Gemini, being single can feel especially lonely for you, given your incredibly social ways. When The Hermit is reversed, this indicates that you feel alone because of your single status. And, honestly, you feel pretty bad about yourself for not being coupled up at the moment. However, this is not rooted in reality but ego. You are not alone. You have plenty of love in your life in the forms of friendship, family, and yourself. Use your solo time to shift your perspective to one of abundance. Remind yourself that you are not lacking love but full of it.

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Your Card: Three Of Swords

Cancer, you received the Three Of Swords, known as the heartbreak card. There is something that needs healing within you. This isn’t to say you need to love yourself before you love someone else. Rather, the Three Of Swords invites you to focus on your healing while the focus can be entirely on you and you alone. Tend to your emotional wounds with compassion and patience. Be honest about what hurts. This is the only way to move on.

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Your Card: Justice

Leo, the Justice card shows up as is an invitation to go inward, one that asks you to really listen to what your inner voice has to say. Being single is an excellent time to really get in touch with your intuition. Without the influence of a partner’s opinion, you can enter a true state of alignment. Now is your chance to take accountability for your life.

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Your Card: The Magician

Virgo, right now your singlehood is all about creation. It is about building a life that feels like yours. Step into your power during this life chapter. Take this time to really think about what you want. Envision your highest self. The Magician is a call to start making your dreams become reality through inspired action and intentional pursuit. Go after what you want. It’s waiting for you.

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Your Card: Six Of Swords (Reversed)

Libra, when the Six of Swords is reversed, this suggests a transition period, a time of release. To make the most of your single life, you need to focus on letting go of any baggage and hangups you have about love and yourself. Only then can you really thrive and be free.

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Your Card: Queen Of Swords (Reversed)

Scorpio, the Queen Of Swords (reversed) is a sign of great emotional disarray, and this state may be one that is self-inflicted. Unintentionally, you have been trapped in a mindset of negativity and this has led you to succumbing to your circumstances and refusing to make the changes you need to make in order to be happier. While single, you need to step back into your power and take charge. You are the hero of your life. Act like it.

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Your Card: Two Of Pentacles

Sagittarius, you need to focus on regaining a sense of balance in your life. The Two Of Pentacles suggests you have been struggling to keep everything in order. You are juggling various priorities right now, from work to friendships to family to everything in between. This makes you doubt ever being able throw a serious relationship into the mix! This is why the best thing you can do while single is learn what is most important to you and figure out the best way to prioritize those things. You can’t do everything, Sagittarius. But you can do what matters the most.

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Your Card: Six Of Cups (Reversed)

Capricorn, you’re one of the most ambitious zodiac signs. You work hard but forget that playing hard matters just as much. There’s more to life than work! While you’re single, focus on getting back in touch with your inner child. Play; play often. Heal what needs healing. Get your hands dirty. Make mistakes. And, most importantly, do more of what brings you child-like joy. Chase your curiosities, develop more hobbies, and take your life back from the office.

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Your Card: King Of Pentacles

Aquarius, in order to thrive while single, you need to focus on the material, particularly as it relates to your finances and your career. You are an innovative soul with a busy mind, and these are your superpowers. The King Of Pentacles is a reminder to use your gifts because these will serve you well and help you achieve success.

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Your Card: The Moon

Pisces, you got The Moon, and it’s a card that is asking you to face your fears about love head-on. While you’re single, you need to turn inward and analyze what past romantic experiences have caused you to shut others out and swear of love. While you don’t have to be perfectly healed before someone else can love you, you do need to at least start the process before you being dating again. This is what The Moon is telling you to do.

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