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6 incompatible zodiacal pairs, between which genuine “chemistry”

Just because two people are incompatible in terms of relationships does not mean that they cannot be close. A huge number of couples are interested in each other only in the physical plane and maintains their relationship only through incredible passion. Of course, as a rule, such unions will not last long, because sooner or later real life takes its toll.Many representatives of the Zodiac, due to their incompatibility, experience huge problems in terms of maintaining relationships. Despite the happy events, which are exceptions to the rules, most couples tied to the passion of partners for each other sooner or later cease to exist, because it is impossible to build a strong and long-term union on one physical attraction.

Here are 6 incompatible zodiac pairs, between which genuine chemistry:

Taurus and the Lion

The relationship between Taurus and Lions has always been emotional and passionate. They are not at all embarrassed to express their feelings in public, which often confuses everyone who makes up their surroundings. At the same time, both signs of the Zodiac are quite proud natures who do not know how to admit their mistakes and do not seek to apologize for them. That is why most often they do not develop normal long-term relationships.

Pisces and Libra

Pisces and Libra have a positive outlook on life. Others are sure that at times they literally lose touch with reality. Both Pisces and Libra adore positive emotions, therefore they like to spend time in the company of each other most of all.

However, the relationship between them still does not work out, because two dreamy partners rarely make a good pair. Sometimes they simply do not have a healthy share of realism that allows them to help each other get down from heaven to earth.

Scorpio and Aquarius

The peculiarities of these two signs of the zodiac and sometimes eccentric behavior are the determining factors due to which they consider each other attractive. Both are known for their comprehensive development, which helps them maintain interesting and complex discussions.

They are not afraid to touch on painful topics, suggesting their own way to solve the problem. However, the union between the two signs of the zodiac does not come out, because each of them perceives the relationship from the position of the authority of his personality and dominance over the partner.

Sagittarius and Pisces

Both zodiac signs sometimes rely too much on luck. Sagittarius is ambitious, motivated and hardworking. They always keep their noses in the wind, trying to make their dreams come true. Fish, on the contrary, are used to being dependent on others, often being lazy and passive.

At first, the problems in the relationship between the two signs of the zodiac will not seem so serious, but over time they will both come to the conclusion that they simply do not fit each other, because they prefer to move in different directions. Sagittarius will burn out, and Pisces will not be able to force themselves to get down to business.

Gemini and Cancer

Cancers are so unpredictable that partners often do not understand what exactly should be expected from them. They change their mood as if by clicking, replacing carefree happiness with a serious depression. The twins are exactly the same, but instead of emotions, their logic is tested.

They are extremely indecisive and can afford to ponder almost any issue for too long. As a result, these two zodiac signs have extremely unstable relationships that cannot be maintained.

Taurus and Aries

Two strong personalities. Both signs of the zodiac are incredibly talented, purposeful and hardworking. They are distinguished by excellent motivation to enable them to succeed. Neither Taurus nor Aries ever give in to difficulties. Their desire to participate in something large-scale brings them closer, but their reluctance to give up their position does not allow them to live happily ever after.

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