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How To Tell Someone You Love Them By Your Gestures

Sometimes conveying messages verbally proves to be very difficult, especially when it comes to telling someone you like them. It may be easy for some, but some may find it very tough to practice. When you cannot express your feelings with spoken words, express them with your gestures. There are 10 best ways how to tell someone you love them, it is simple and easy that will convey your message without using verbal communication.


1. Make eye contact:

Eye contact is one of the best ways to convey your message non-verbally. It is the way you can use to tell someone you love them. It can even make both the person to fall for each other. Making eye contact with the person you love will give them a signal that somewhere you have something to convey to them or you are probably falling for them.

2. Treat them whenever you get a chance:

You may do it to everyone that comes on your good list and it may not send that kind of strong message for you to them. But when you practice it differently, like giving them priority when it comes to offering them something or asking for their favorite places to visit, or planning a dinner or lunch there. It will make them feel that they are important to you and you like them. So don’t miss a chance when you can treat them.

3. Give them a nickname:

Who do we give a nickname? A person that is close to you or may someone whom you like or love. Exactly, giving a nickname may make a person feel that there is some closeness between you both, and is the best way to tell someone you like them.

4. Text them:

Sending a good morning or a good night text may give a gesture that you care about their lives and want their day to be good. You can even send a text as soon as they leave, asking them to message you once they reach home. It will show your care for them and care comes when you are attached to someone.

5. Remember each special day in their life and let them know about it:

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting their birthdays or any kind of special events of their life because if you like them every single special occasion of their life should be remembered and you should celebrate it with them.

6. Complement them:

You look beautiful or handsome!
This color suits you, yeah that dress was looking awesome on you. Ohh! you cooked it, it is awesome and you gave it a brilliant try!
All these will not only bring a smile to their face but a sense that you are interested in them and whatever you do. It is one of the best ways how to let a girl know you like her because girls love to get compliments.

7. Bring a smile on your face as soon as you see them:

A smile can convey many things at once, just a smile when you see them will make things clear that yes, they are the reason behind your smile. And it is one of the best ways to tell someone that you love them and probably a better way how to tell your crush you like them.

8. Laugh with them:

Best memories are always remembered and sharing laughter with them will make your bond stronger. Even don’t miss a chance to laugh at their jokes, supporting them and enjoying that fun moment together will make both of you feel that somewhere you both like each other.

9. Hang out with them:

Going for an outing, spending time together, planning for a trip, we do all these with people whom we like or love and if you practice it with them, they will get that hint that you have developed a liking for them and a way of how to tell if you love someone.

10. Share everything with them:

This process of sharing every simple thing that happens in your day-to-day life and asking them to share theirs too will help you to build a good relationship and one day you may be successful in expressing your feelings directly to them without hesitating.

All these small, small gestures will be very helpful in conveying your message and how much you love them and want their presence in your life. These ways of how to tell someone you love them can not only be useful but fruitful if you can apply them properly.

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