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How To Recognize Your Soulmate, Based On Your Venus Sign

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When it comes to reading your birth chart, each planet placement affects different areas of your life. For Venus, it’s all about romance and love. Look to your zodiac sign placement in Venus to see what you should be looking for in your ideal partner.


Your ideal partner will make you feel sexy and wanted. You don’t do well with partners who keep their feelings to themselves. You also value someone who focuses on romance and sex in equal measure.

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You need trust in your relationship. Your soulmate will make you feel steady and safe. You always know that they’ll be there for you, whether they show that with actions, words, or comforting physical affection.

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While the sweet and caring nature of a person is important, your true soul match is with someone who’s quick-witted. They’re your intellectual match and conversations never get boring when you’re together.

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You need emotional support from your perfect partner. Your soulmate knows how to soothe you when you’re feeling overwhelmed or moody. They know just the way to listen and cuddle you toward feeling better.

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You want a partnership where you can worship each other. They adore you, you’re obsessed with them. It may sound unhealthy to some, but it works for you and your soulmate.

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You need stability in a true partner. You don’t want to have to parent them or argue about chores or money. With them, you’re reassured that everything is taken care of so you can spend your time just loving each other.

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While emotional things like a loving and considerate partner are important, physical attraction is just as essential for you. You’ll think your soulmate is the hottest person in the room, regardless of what other people might think.

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You have intense emotions, and you’re not always good at hiding them from your significant other. The right person for you won’t be shocked or put-off by seeing your intensity. In fact, they’ll love you for it.

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You need someone larger than life. Someone who can keep up with you, who can enjoy everything that life has to offer to the absolute fullest. Your soulmate will be lively and gregarious and fun.

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Sometimes you just need alone time to decompress. Your soulmate will understand when you need to withdraw and will still love you from afar until you’re ready to hug and go back to normal.

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While having an emotional connection with someone is important, it’s the intellectual connection that makes that person your soulmate. You can have long conversations about everything under the sun and it never gets old.

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Your true soulmate will keep you grounded. Though they’re accepting and loving of all your emotions, they’re also good at helping you be strong when you need to move forward.

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