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How To Practice Self-Care During Postpartum, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Self-care, although difficult to achieve during postpartum time, is so important. It allows you to feel a little bit like yourself again during all the amazing albeit stressful changes you’re going through. So take some time out of your week to give back to yourself even if it’s just 10 minutes while baby naps. It’ll be worth it.

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Your fiery self might feel a little cooped up taking care of your new little one. To combat this, you can add gentle movements to your day if your body feels ready. Take a walk by yourself if you’re able or even bring the baby along. Moving the body can feel so good.

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You love the comforts of home, especially good food. To give yourself love, make yourself a nice meal of your favorite foods if you love to cook or get your favorite take out. You deserve it!

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You might feel lonely in these quiet postpartum days. It can feel a bit isolating doing the same things day in and out. Try calling a friend on the phone to vent or journal about it. Use your words to help you cope with the big changes you’re feeling. You’ve got this!

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Motherly cancer, you are often the last person to give yourself care because you’re taking care of everyone else! Try taking a warm bath with essential oils. It’ll feel so good to be in your element of water and relaxing the stress away. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

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You are such a warm person and have no trouble fiercely loving your little one. That being said, you need to fiercely love yourself too! You love to express your creativity so you would probably enjoy a creative outlet. You can paint, draw, or do anything that stretches your creativity. You’re amazing!

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Earthy Virgo, the chaos of postpartum time might be getting to you. Take a moment to read a book for pleasure or watch a comforting TV show. It’s okay to watch Gilmore Girls for the 5th time while baby naps on you. Maybe your idea of self-care is to clean out your closet. You do you.

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You’re all about balance and beauty. Staying in your comfies all the time might not make you feel your best. Go ahead and buy yourself a new outfit or something nice for you! You’ll get to wear it again soon.

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Introspective Scorpio, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all the demands your little one has for you and craving some alone time. You can listen to your favorite music and let it overtake you for a little while. Let your imagination wander as you listen.

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You may be feeling bored with all the mundane tasks of postpartum life. Get some zest back in your life by booking a mom adventure day just for you. Make a reservation to your favorite local spots, grab a treat, or get a nail treatment. The anticipation will help you get through those tedious days.

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All those projects you’ve been doing might be put on hold for now during this postpartum time. Take care of yourself by working on a new project doing something you enjoy. Even just a few minutes can help you feel like you’ve accomplished a small goal. Also, remind yourself that raising a child is an amazing accomplishment in itself.

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You might be feeling a lack of stimulation during this time. Try playing a challenging board game with a friend or do a new puzzle. Anything to get your mind working on something you love.

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Sweet Pisces, you are probably craving some alone and spiritual time. Enjoy some gentle yoga practice with crystals and candles. This will allow you to feel connected to yourself again, which in turn will make you more connected to your sweet baby.

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