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5 Zodiac Duos Least Likely To Break Up After 2 Years

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Scorpio + Pisces

These two are known to pass the dreaded 2-year mark because they’ve been working on their bond since the start. Scorpios are known to give all their all to a relationship, and Pisces puts in equal effort when they feel loved and treasured. As water signs, they can dive deep into their connection, helping it grow each day.

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Leo + Virgo

For Leo, this is the most practical partnership they’ve been in. For Virgo, it’s the one with the most romance. Both can stay together after two years because they’re efficient. Though their emotional connection isn’t as strong as a water sign duo, both are realistic enough to remain aware of what might go wrong. With this rationality, they’re able to overcome obstacles.

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Aries + Libra

Libra is the one Aries can’t seem to let go of. Friendship makes this duo’s bond so strong—even if they’re on opposite sides of the spectrum. The connection they’ve created during their first two years is rooted in support and grace for each other. Even if they’ve had their share of disagreements, what they’ve learned takes them the distance.

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Virgo + Scorpio

Virgo and Scorpio make it past the 2-year mark through their logical approaches and deep-rooted bond. These two probably took it slowly at the start. So, this gave them the time to get to know each other fully.

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Taurus + Sagittarius

At first, you wouldn’t think Sagittarius would be interested in the stability-driven Taurus. But the fact that they need someone like that in their life makes this fire sign bend. So, once they finally get together, their love becomes an unexpected scatter of butterflies. These two are a mix of practical and fun.

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