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How To Make Up From A Fight, Based On Their Zodiac Sign



There’s no working around it with an Aries. Whether you initiated the fight or not, it’s never over until you own up to your end of the wrongdoing with an Aries. The longer you’ve known them, the better you’ll exactly what it was you did that triggered them most. Even if it was retaliation for something they did to you, just open up the conversation with a mea culpa. They know what they did as well, but you’re not going to hear it until you wave your white flag first.


Point out how stupid the fight is.

When you go head to head with the bull, you’re bound to look up from the struggle and have completely forgotten what started it all in the first place. If you can be humble enough to say this out loud, a Taurus will concede that they too have had a sudden case of amnesia. When you both acknowledge the fact you’re mostly angry because you’re just angry, the fight becomes something neither of you takes as personally. Even though they’re quick to anger, they can let something go just as easily.


Remind them you care.

A Gemini just wants to know that you still love them, even when they are literally driving you up a wall. You can literally tell that to their face. I love you, but I’m so annoyed with you. I love you, but you are pissing me off right now. I love you, but if you leave bitten-off fingernails on the coffee table one more time I’m going to lose it. Most of the time, they’ll agree with some points of your argument. They just want to know that it will take more than a fight for you to leave them.


Plan for future improvement.

When you butt heads with a Cancer, they care more about not repeating the same argument or misunderstanding twice. Apologies are welcome, but they’d rather the two of you come up with a plan to communicate better next time. They want to learn about you, how you fight, and how you prefer to be approached when it comes to difficult subjects. They are a true partner who will meet you halfway and respect where you’re coming from. Don’t take this for granted, and give them equal effort from your side.


Prove you’re worthy to their friends.

A Leo will forgive you because they hate conflict, but you’ll have to get back into their friends’ good graces again for the fight to really be over. Even the most discrete Leo won’t be able to hide their emotions from their closest pals, so don’t be surprised when everyone suspects there’s been trouble in paradise and is questioning your worth. You just need to have the confidence to show your face and let everyone see how much you love and respect each other. A little tiff isn’t enough to truly rock the boat.


Apology plus action.

Virgos will never trust words alone. They’re master wordsmiths. They know how easy it is to string together a sentence in the hopes of smoothing something over and getting out of the dog house, so you’re going to need to go a step further for them to really trust your sincerity. Put your money where your mouth is. Make reservations, pull out the romantic stops, and plan something that shows them how much they really mean to you. A fight means you treat them like royalty until everyone’s forgiven.


Quality time as soon as possible.

Because Libras are the sign representing equilibrium, you need to create an experience that will counteract the fight you just had. Cooking them a meal, snuggling on the couch with a favorite TV show on, or taking a walk. Small everyday moments of quality time will help you repair the bonds that were damaged in your argument. They don’t want anything over the top, just something that will swing your emotions back in a positive direction. When the source of the solution (you) are the same as the source of the argument, they will start to trust in your ability to work through conflict together.


Let them cool off.

Scorpios need their space. Sometimes they need to be left alone before the argument has really solidified. It can be difficult for those who like to talk things out, but it’s important to give them the space they need to think and process all sides of the argument. Don’t be surprised if your Scorpio just wants to pretend as if nothing happened. Once they resolve the issue in their mind, they expect a kind of psychic resolution to occur, even without explaining it to you. You can push them, gently, but sometimes it’s best to just accept that they’re past it.


Talk it out.

A Sagittarius wants their day in court, so sometimes you just need to let them have it. Listen to what they have to say, but also spell out each of your own concerns. Stubborn as they are, they won’t be able to deny a well-articulated perspective, and they are capable of acknowledging that conflicting viewpoints can exist simultaneously. All they want most is to be understood, so if you can repeat back what they said, chances are it will cool their rage.


Commit to a compromise.

Capricorns treat relationships like a business. Whatever heated arguments happen behind closed doors, all parties involved want what they think is best for the business. And the only thing left to do is come to a consensus and present a united front. In romance, everyone is an equal shareholder, so no one has the upper hand. That give-and-take aspect is what makes a relationship valuable to them, and they will be ready to pivot as “market needs” shift.


Compliment their argument.

Even if the two of you are in complete deadlock, if you can complement one aspect of an Aquarius’ point of view, they will likely be willing to agree to disagree. Maybe you can concede they are passionate about a topic, educated on statistics, or empathetic towards others’ needs. Whatever it is, taking the time to find that positive sliver in a contentious situation will help relieve the tension. They will admire someone who sticks to their own convictions as well.


Give them some TLC.

Pisces just need to be babied a little bit. You’ve got to remember they hate conflict and are known to be sensitive. So after a fight, you need something that is going to act as a balm. Be affectionate, speak gently to them, and allow them time at home in a soothing environment. Let them self-regulate and overcome the stress and anxiety of being at odds with the person they love most. They’ll avoid a fight as long as possible, and need time to bounce back from the fallout.

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