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3 Zodiacs Who Don’t Want Love If It Isn’t Epic

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Some zodiac signs are always in relationships. (I’m looking at you, Libra.) Their friends never know what they’re like when they’re single because they move on so quickly to their next partner. For people like that, any love is wonderful, even if it isn’t the “holy shit, I’ve found the one” kind of love. For others, it’s barely worth dating if it isn’t with their soulmate. For the following three zodiac signs, they have their eyes on an epic kind of love, and they’re ready to wait for it.

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Aries fall hard and fast, so you might be surprised to find them on this list. They’re the people who always have a crush on someone, sure, but it’s because they’re always hoping that they’ve finally found their soulmate. What makes them different than some of the other zodiac signs is that as soon as they realize this isn’t the epic kind of love that they were hoping for, they’re gone. They’re not the types to stay in a relationship just because it’s comfortable or they’re afraid to break things off. So while they may be crushing hard while on their journey to finding their epic love, they’ll be ready for it when they find it.

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Virgo has too much going on to waste time with someone who isn’t special. The moment they realize that someone isn’t the one, they bail. Of course, this sometimes means they don’t do enough to see if they’ve found their soulmate in the first place. It’s normal to hear excuses about work taking up all their time if you try to set them up with someone. Still, you’ve usually got one eye open just in case that epic kind of love enters their life. And when they find it? They’ll never let the moment pass them by.

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Like Virgo, Sagittarius is too busy for anything other than an epic romance. But instead of filling up their empty time with work, work, and more work, they’re off going on grand adventures or having fun little outings even on a smaller scale. Sagittarius aren’t down for a boring life, whether that’s how they lead their everyday life, how they plan for their future vacations, or how they populate their love life. If you aren’t the one, then they’ll either shut it down immediately or have a bit of fun and then drop you. No hard feelings or anything–they just have better things to do (like finding their soulmate).

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