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How To Know When Each Zodiac Is Emotionally Checking Out Of The Relationship

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Aries will display a loss of enthusiasm in all aspects of the relationship. Their demeanor completely changes. They go from demonstrating their affection through bold actions to not putting any effort into the relationship. Aries will stop taking you on dates, giving you gifts, being romantic, and displaying any sort of passion. You may notice that they no longer “show you off” as much. They simply stop trying to keep the spark alive in the relationship. The only effort they may show is picking fights any chance they get.

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Taurus takes a long time to open up, but once they feel secure and safe enough with you, they’re one of the most dedicated lovers. When Taurus suddenly stops making time to spend with you or becomes hard to get a hold of, trouble is in the air. They’ll begin by pulling away slowly. Taurus won’t make any effort to ask you any questions about your life. They’ll stop offering you any details about their day. The dates will go from luxe to stingy. They hate change, so they may take time to end things, but if they don’t seem happy to be spending time with you, it’s because they’re not.

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You’ll see the sparkle leave Gemini’s eye when they look into yours. It’s like they became bored overnight. They stop trying to breathe any life back into the relationship and they don’t respond positively to your efforts to do the same. The Gemini in your life may stop being communicative and playful. They’ll go from giving you their undivided attention to suddenly being unavailable. When you’re together they appear…checked out. Gemini will stop opening up like they used to. The deep conversations you used to have late into the night become non-existent. You’ll no longer be their sounding board. Once it becomes difficult to tell what’s on a Gemini’s mind, it’s the beginning of the end.

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Remember how at the beginning, it took a bit for Cancer to open up and expose their soft side? When they’ve emotionally checked out, Cancer will retreat back into that shell. They become distant and stop expressing themselves with you. They come off as defensive and private when you try to talk to them. Their friends and family may start acting weird with you and distancing themselves, too. This is because Cancer has probably talked to them about their second thoughts regarding your relationship.

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Leo starts socializing a lot more without you. This sign goes from taking you out to show you off to wanting to go out alone to stand underneath the spotlight. They find excuses to leave you at home and walk out the door dressed to the nines. You may begin to notice that they’re not as passionately devoted to you as they used to be. Their IG profile suddenly is on fire with their hot selfies (and a lot fewer pictures of the two of you together). This is because Leo starts looking for validation and attention elsewhere when they’re emotionally checking out.

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Virgo will stop using acts of service to express their love and appreciation. They stop going out of their way to help you. Talks about the future stop happening and they act strange when you bring it up. Virgo will seem to be annoyed with you most of the time. It’s like every little thing that you do gets under their skin. You don’t see eye to eye on anything. The transformation goes from loving to harsh. They relentlessly will tear into you with their critiques. Eventually, they just become passive.

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First, Libra is oddly polite and cordial—to the point that it feels a little awkward and out of place. Then, they basically start living a separate life. Libra will begin asking for more time alone. The texts from them stop coming as frequently. Even your friends will notice the shift because this sign will also start losing interest in your social circle. They will demand more freedom. You’ll feel them slowly and subtly distancing themselves from you. They stop including you in the decisions they make, no longer talk about a future together, and leave you feeling unsure about where you stand.

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When Scorpio starts checking out emotionally, they also start checking out physically. They stop initiating physical intimacy and rebuff your attempts. Scorpio goes from a deep need for you to show them your love through touch to not really wanting to be near you. If you feel like the passion they used to place into the relationship is no longer there, then they’re starting to get over you. Scorpio will stop acting affectionate and protective—they won’t even get jealous. Their romantic and soft side returns to a too-cool demeanor. They might be cold and even a little mean. You’ll clearly feel them distancing themselves from you.

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Sag’s communication might become practically non-existent. The lively banter between you two will no longer be there. Their texts become short and practically one-word replies. You’ll begin to miss the closeness and intimacy you used to share. Sagittarius starts acting like who they were before you two got together—wild…without you. They stop planning adventures together and inviting you to social outings. They run free without you at your side. It won’t take long for Sag to end it, though. If you feel like they’re checking out, it means they’re going to cut ties soon.

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Capricorns will start throwing themselves even more into their work, studies, and goals. Essentially, Capricorns will aim for more success. They might even take up a new gym, class, or hobby—anything that can take up a good chunk of their time. Anytime that you want to spend one-on-one time with them, they seem to be busy. You’ll notice that they no longer give you their undivided attention. Capricorns will stop offering their help to you in the little and big things. If they’ve stopped nagging you, then it’s really over.

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Aquarius will go back to acting like they did before their romantic side came out. Suddenly, they’re treating you like everyone else in your social circle. You’ll be able to feel the fire extinguish. They will begin treating you more like a buddy than a lover. This sign will cease all attempts to incorporate you into their life before they sit you down to have the “we’re better off as friends” talk. If you did something to hurt them or anger them, they might just cut you out completely. Either way, you won’t be wondering for much longer whether they’re checking out or not.

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When Pisces begins building emotional walls and resisting intimacy it’s because they don’t trust you or they’re checking out emotionally—maybe both. They start creating boundaries and may even surprise you by ignoring your needs. Simply put, they stop showing you their affection and love. Pisces will no longer feel like that soft and touchy-feely lover who would do anything to put a smile on your face and be by your side. It’s like they hardened overnight and now refuse to see things from your perspective. They become flaky, short, and expressionless. There’s no more effort being put into keeping the relationship going on their end.

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