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These zodiac signs cannot help their chaos

Always wondering why you just can’t be tidy? Maybe you can find the reason for this in the stars. These zodiac signs cannot help it that they are true chaos queens.

Tidying up isn’t your thing? Or maybe you are also wondering why your partner or friend just can’t keep their apartment clean and tidy? Every zodiac sign ticks differently and of course, there is also real chaos between the order-loving zodiac signs, such as the Virgo – of course in different degrees of their disorder. These five are the frontrunners among the Chaos people:


The Aries likes to lend a hand. Takes care of things immediately, is easily distracted, and is a very impulsive person. The problem: Even if he tidies up, he either leaves behind more chaos than before or an apartment that looks tidy to him, but not to others.


It is sometimes difficult for the Gemini to organize their thoughts. He’s no exception in his apartment. With a lot of charm, he then tries to cover up the uncleaned booth. Sometimes the twin then gets going and clears everything up in no time at all. The catch: he desperately wants to be praised for it.


The Scorpio loves to deal with profound things and to philosophize about the meaning of life. Stupidly, he doesn’t think the order in his apartment is important enough to attend to it on a regular basis. The Scorpio needs constant reminders to finally clean up and even then he likes to forget.


Aquarius is a creative free spirit. He likes to let his thoughts fly or rushes headlong into interesting projects. His flat? Looks like a tornado swept through, but that’s totally normal for him. After all, a genius rules his chaos.


A fish is always busy. Especially with his fellow human beings, social contacts are high on his list of priorities. Keeping order is more likely to be found in the lower ranks. The exception: if he has the feeling that others expect it from him, he cleans up.

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