Zodiac Signs

How Every Zodiac Will Find Happiness

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Aries will find happiness wherever they’re intellectually stimulated. Whether that’s by diving headfirst into a career that challenges them, or connecting with people that can maintain a great conversation, or immersing themselves in an environment with literature and other learning materials, it doesn’t matter. As long as Aries feels like they’re growing, they’ll be content.

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Tauruses have a reputation for lounging about and relaxing in their free time, but they only require so much of it because of their otherwise busy social lives. Tauruses thrive when their schedules are jam-packed. Falling into a rut is one of the easiest ways for them to become depressed and listless. Keeping things fresh, and trying new things whenever time permits, is key to their happiness.

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Geminis tend to have an obsessive personality, and by that I mean when they find an activity that they’re interested in they tend to go all-in. They like having something to occupy their racing thoughts or give them an outlet to express themselves in unique ways. When a Gemini appears directionless, find them a new hobby. Within no time they’ll feel reconnected with their body and the world around them.

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Cancers have to be in a place that’s emotionally and physically secure in order for them to be truly happy. Though Cancers are known for their outbursts of emotion, their sensitivity has given them the ability to mask their feelings for the comfort of others. When you see the mask come out, it may be a sign that it’s time to move to another house, another city, another love (as hard as that may be).

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Leos are relatively good at finding some level of happiness anywhere, but true happiness only comes when they stop overthinking. Leos have a tendency to wonder, even when things are going smoothly, whether there’s something even better waiting for them just over the horizon. They need to be reminded to look at the present, and appreciate its beauty, in order to settle in and feel at home.

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Virgos like to be caretakers for the people they love, but they also need to know that they can rely on those people in return. There’s nothing more isolating for a Virgo than to feel like they can’t ask anybody for help. Happiness comes with reassurance, with setting boundaries and ensuring that you’re not surrounding yourself with flaky friends and false promises. Once that’s established, Virgo will feel peace.

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Libras don’t like to be forced into a box. More than just a result of their tendency towards indecision, this is also influenced by their great fear of being misunderstood. For Libra to feel happy, they must know that they haven’t been cornered into a path that is impossible to get out of. They must have flexibility in all areas of their life, and be with loved ones that don’t discourage them from exploring their options.

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Scorpios, though they don’t always act it, need personal connections with other people in order to be fulfilled. This can be romantic or platonic, with family members or coworkers—the nature of the relationship doesn’t matter. What’s important is that Scorpio feels they can be themselves without fear of judgment, since it can be so difficult for them to open up in the first place.

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Sagittariuses need stability in their personal relationships in order to feel truly free to explore, try new things, and be the most vibrant version of themselves. If a Sagittarius is unhappy, that’s usually a sign that they have no footing in some area of their life. The solution? Focus on commitment within current relationships before jumping to something else as a distraction. Sit with the uncomfortable feelings.

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Capricorns are, unfortunately, often the source of their own unhappiness. They tend to jump to conclusions or see problems where they don’t exist, creating tense situations out of easily-explained mistakes. If they want to be happy, Capricorns must become better communicators, unafraid to ask questions and admit when they’re wrong. If not, they’re doomed to a life of frustration and isolation.

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Aquariuses are such active members of their communities that it’s hard to imagine them as introverts. But, more often than not, Aquariuses require ample alone time to recharge between social events. If they feel like they need to be constantly “on,” without any breaks to decompress, then their typical cheeriness can descend into sadness and irritation. Give them space, even if they don’t ask for it.

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Pisces need to be around people that share their goals and morals. It’s only around like-minded folks that Pisces feels free to be themselves, to open up and revel in their own joy. They are not the type to enjoy debating, especially regarding matters of importance. Their unhappiness is often linked with feeling unheard or misrepresented. If this unhappiness persists, it may be time for a change in scenery.

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