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5 Zodiacs Who Love Pillow Talking With Their Partner

Connecting with someone physically can be incredible – but to some zodiac signs, there’s nothing better than connecting on an emotional level. Than knowing that they can safely share their deepest thoughts and feelings with the person in bed beside them. Here are the zodiacs who love pillow talking with their partner:


You love pillow talking with your partner because it helps bring your relationship to a brand-new height. It helps you connect on an even deeper level. You are more interested in a person’s mind than their body, which is why conversations will tell you more about your compatibility than kisses and cuddles ever will. You need to know that your person is someone you can speak to with ease, someone you can feel comfortable sharing your deepest thoughts and opinions with at any time. If they shut you out emotionally, then you are going to shut them out physically.


You love cuddling with your partner and whispering to them about all your hopes and dreams. After all, connecting on a physical level isn’t nearly enough for you. You want to connect on an emotional level as well. You want to feel safe talking to this person about whatever pops into your head. If you don’t trust them enough to open up emotionally, or if you feel like they aren’t sharing their thoughts freely, then the relationship isn’t going to work out. You need stimulating conversation. You need total and complete honesty. Otherwise, you aren’t going to be getting in bed together for much longer.


You love pillow talking with your partner because you want to know everything about them, from the big things to the small things. Cuddling with them isn’t intimate enough. Real intimacy means sharing what’s on your minds. It means confiding in each other about your deepest hopes and fears. It means getting vulnerable in front of each other constantly. One of your favorite parts of a relationship is feeling completely safe with the other person, feeling like you can tell each other anything without judgement, feeling like there isn’t a single secret between you. Communication is incredibly important to you. Without it, a relationship would never work.


You love pillow talking with your partner because you want to fall in love with their mind. You want to feel like you understand them on a deep, personal level. You want to know what makes them tick, what makes them smile, and what makes them upset. For you, it’s not enough to get physically close. You need to be close emotionally in order to make the relationship last. You need to feel confident that you are a good match in more ways than one. Having a good make out partner is nice – but having a good conversation partner is even better.


You love pillow talking with your partner because you get the best of both worlds. You get to cuddle with them and feel their body pressed against yours – and you get to have meaningful conversations with them about their lives and the universe. You’re searching for someone who crosses off everything on your checklist, so feeling physically and emotionally connected with them is all you ever wanted.

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