Zodiac Signs

How Each Zodiac Reacts To Finding Their Other Half

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Aries are prepared to fight for their soulmate. They know that the wrong people are always drawn to other people’s happiness for the wrong reasons. They are looking out for trouble and know how to squash it before it even starts. Exes beware.

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Tauruses just want to show off their perfect match. Once they’ve found “the one” they will cart them around town to family and friends until everyone understands exactly where this newfound excitement and love for life has come from.

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Geminis buy a new calendar once they’ve found love because all of their plans instantly change. Brunch is no longer the center of their universe, and everything needs to be re-color-coded because orange Saturdays are no longer just for deep cleaning their apartments.

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Cancer is quiet when they meet their soulmate. You may not even catch a difference in their demeanor because they are naturally so level-headed, but if you know where and when to look, you’ll catch that beaming smile that can only mean they are exactly where they’re meant to be.

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If a Leo has met their other half, you will see it all over their socials. They may as well hire a photographer to capture every second of the relationship as it unfolds. They know how lucky they are to find a connection like this, and they are ready to document their happiness. They will hang these pictures in their home like a prize trophy.

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Virgos will clean out a draw and make a copy of their apartment key for their soulmate. Anyone that’s worth reorganizing for may as well be their life partner at that point. They’re so particular with their space, so if they share it with you, you know they trust you to take care of it.

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Libras get a little caught off guard. Seeing their other half means recognizing their own flaws in that mirror image and their reaction can be a little jarring. Once they get past the initial shock, they’ll realize this is an opportunity for you both to grow together.

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Scorpios will lock the bedroom door and not let you leave for a week. There’s literally nothing more to say about it.

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A Sagittarius will start making every kind of plan in the world when they meet the one. First holidays. Meeting the parents. Vacations. Birthdays. You name it. They want to make everything that’s supposed to be special or sentimental a priority for the two of you.

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Capricorns will start working twice as hard at work when they’ve found someone special. They want their partners to be proud of them, and they want that extra cash to be able to spoil the person who matters most. Life is good when there is someone by their side to enjoy it with.

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When an Aquarius has found their soulmate they pull out the photo album. They want to share all of their childhood memories and stories with the person they’re going to spend the rest of their life with. They want their person to know where they can from so the two of you can figure out where you’re going together.

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A Pisces will ask you for your date, time, and location of birth so they can triple confirm you’re really meant to be together. You can never be too careful in love, and they are extremely spiritual when it comes to compatibility.

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