Zodiac Signs

These are the zodiac signs that everyone loves to hate


Oh, scorpions.

On the one hand everyone wants to sleep with you, on the other they want to hate you from the bottom of their hearts. You may be known as the most passionate of all zodiac signs, but you are also the least accessible – and that makes people mad.

While unhealthy scorpions may play yo-yo with someone else’s emotions, not all.

Usually, scorpions have big problems trusting others – so while they can be seriously interested in someone, they protect themselves a lot. Allowing people in is not an easy task and when trying, they can fluctuate violently between vulnerability and secrecy – which can be confusing to others.

Nonetheless, you are often portrayed as vengeful and manipulative – and this portrayal brings with it a lot of hatred, even if it is not necessarily justified.


Oh god, where to start.

If you are not an obsessed workhorse, you are an emotionless robot – or you are described as simply boring. Apparently there is always a reason not to like you, although you have a lot to offer under the surface.

You may spend a lot of your time working, but it is not the only thing that matters to you – you are absolutely loyal to your loved ones and often work hard in the present to plan ahead.

Even if others think that you are boring from the outside, it is because you are not wasting your time trying to impress everyone else.

You have a silly and sarcastic side under the freezing cold demeanor, but you don’t just show it to everyone. You know that other people think you’re not too exciting, but that’s their problem.


Similar to Capricorn, people like to judge you based on their first impression. You value your time and energy and refuse to waste it on people who are not worth it.

You can be judgmental at first, but the truth that others don’t like to face is that you’re often wrong – you’re incredibly intuitive.

You want things to go in a certain way and are often hated for being a strictly by-the-rule type, but that doesn’t mean that you never relax and have fun. If someone is lucky enough to belong to your closest circle, they will get to know a side of you that they have never imagined.


If someone has a reputation for being artificial and wrong, it is you.

While your personality offers to be open to every possibility, many mistakenly consider you to be superficial and fickle.

You are constantly learning and absorbing new information and love sharing it with others – but most assume that you are rude and only concerned with your own interests.

When people take the time to get to know you, they realize that you are really committed to the things you are passionate about.

They learn that you recognize and appreciate a good thing, even if you are open to the world around you. Unfortunately, all the songs about the double-tongued twin don’t do you a favor.

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