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How Each Of The 144 Zodiac Couples Are Potentially Ruining Their Relationship (Without Realizing It)

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Cancer + Scorpio: While this is believed to be the strongest of any couple like all relationships the flaws within their relationship is a question of the doubt sometimes not within each other but rather what could one of them be missing out on if they were single. When you have a good healthy relationship that seems almost perfect, you wonder is it too good to be true.

Pisces + Pisces: Both emotional. Both pay very close attention. Both are intact with the other person’s needs and desires striving to be the best partner they can. But because Pisces are so emotional and follow everything with their heart and not their head, the fights the two have are very dramatic and intense until one backs down but Pisces are very stubborn.

Aries + Sagittarius: This is the relationship that’s fun and carefree. Their greatest is when they need to take big steps as part of their relationship milestones. Neither of them wants to change what they have but any couple needs to grow and take those next steps even if they are scared to.

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Sagittarius + Pisces: A Pisces will always be the more timid one in a relationship. They are dismissive and passive and just want to make their partner happy. Sags, on the other hand, have the tendency to be cold and short and distant. The flaw in the relationship comes when a Pisces fails to give their partner space they need and continues to try harder to win over their affection. A Sagittarius becomes easily annoyed with their efforts because they need space.

Virgo + Capricorn: This is a couple who are both competitive and enjoy being in the spotlight. They struggle with allowing their partner to be the one to shine and that’s where problems arise. It’s good to push each other to achieve more but it becomes toxic when you go from a team to competing against one another.

Leo + Libra: Both are selfless when it comes to relationships giving everything they can. But to give so much and overcompensate sometimes really shows insecurity within themselves and the need to do that to keep the other person. With this comes jealousy and jealousy and lack of confidence in oneself and the relationship will ultimately be what makes having one hard.

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Taurus + Cancer: While a Taurus might be rough around the edges their partner seems to bring out the best and sensitive parts of them. A Cancer on the other end is completely sure of themselves in a relationship, they aren’t guarded at all. The problem in this pair is when a Taurus feels doubt but doesn’t know how to express it because they do have high walls.

Capricorn + Capricorn: When a couple is too much alike they will either hit it off being the perfect couple or they will butt heads because they are basically the same person. A Capricorn pair struggles in a relationship most because it’s a predictable relationship that sometimes gets boring. Both stop trying as hard as they did in the beginning and you need to maintain that effort even if one is confident in the relationship.

Gemini + Pisces: This couple is strong because they have a very deep emotional connection. There aren’t two signs who understand each other or want what’s best for the other person. This couple struggles in their relationship when it comes to giving and taking. Pisces will give the shirt off their back to anyone and at first, a Gemini appreciates it and values it. But over time they begin to take a Pisces for granted. Pisces will never call them out on the change but silently hope and pray the relationship goes back to the way it used to. This couple has their moments of being very close but then shifts to feeling like strangers. When two people are emotionally invested it’s hard to find a balance between what is too much sometimes.

Sagittarius + Sagittarius: Probably one of the most stubborn of all pairs. And that’s where their issues arise. Even when the other person might be wrong, it takes a while for the words sorry to even come to the surface.

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Aries + Gemini: They are the couple that does not get bored with each other continuing to keep the flame lit. From traveling to new experiences and constantly pushing one another. Neither wants to settle down or have a conventional life where they are tied to commitment and that’s where issues arise, sometimes the thought might cross their mind is the other person holding them back from seeing more or doing things differently.

Libra + Scorpio: Opposites attract. Scorpios tend to be a little rough around the edges. Libras are an open book and one of the most loyal signs. They also don’t give up on people so while a Scorpio tends to push people away a Libra doesn’t let them. Problems arise in this relationship not so much when it comes to each other but others. A Scorpio has keen judgment and looks out for a Libra while a Libra sees the best in everyone and gives too many chances. They fight because a Scorpio doesn’t want to see them used or taken for granted but a Libra takes it personally for not trusting their judgment.

Taurus + Pisces: This is another pair that is extremely opposite. But it works. A Taurus is a little tougher while a Pisces is anything but that. Problems arise in this relationship when a Pisces fails to express what is wrong and a Taurus struggles emotionally addressing any issues because they too repress their feelings.

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Gemini + Libra: The foundation of this relationship is based on a friendship. Which is so important but sometimes relationships like this fail because that’s all it is. It’s a really strong friendship but nothing more.

Aries + Virgo: Virgos love to plan things out and have everything organized while an Aries is more spontaneous and less predictable. Problems arise in this relationship because a Virgo needs something concrete and they are usually the one to walk away when an Aries can’t be what they need or change.

Scorpio + Capricorn: Capricorns go into relationships thinking long term and if this is someone who can be their forever. Scorpios need more time and don’t think too much about longevity but rather this moment right now. Caps tend to push for more than what a Scorpio is willing to give and that’s what causes problems and drives them away.

Taurus + Capricorn: This is an example of a power couple. But sometimes they fight each other for power not knowing how to find that balance. On their good days, they are great. But the bad days two people at the top knock each other and it’s a hard fall sometimes.

Libra + Pisces: This duo is probably the kindest. They rarely fight or have any problems but on the occasion they do, it’s heartbreaking on both ends of two people just needing silence and space but missing one another. They always find their way back but they come across one or two fights that make them question the relationship.

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Aquarius + Aquarius: These two boost each other’s ego more than anyone. But it’s a couple in which each person is very needy. And that’s what becomes too much. Each person unable to have their own identity because they become so engulfed with each other.

Scorpio + Pisces: This is another couple whose bond is emotionally and mentally strong. They are very loyal to one another. Problems arise when a Pisces becomes too comfortable and relies on their partner and the Scorpio gets overwhelmed and needs space.

Gemini + Sagittarius: This couples strong parts of the relationship are in communicating issues and solving the problem at hand. But they struggle when they get to a point in the relationship where neither person is growing and they each are standing still. They are left looking at each other and question if there is a future because all they seem to have in common is the past.

Cancer + Libra: This couple is one with the least confrontation. But they become engulfed in one another that they don’t see their friends much anymore and it’s wonderful to have a good relationship but it’s important to not make that relationship your number one priority if ever it should end.

Gemini + Gemini: This couple is a powerful one that pushes each other to achieve everything and is the other person’s number one support system. Problems arise because Gemini’s are very hard on themselves and put a lot of pressure on themselves and what they achieve. While they work hard and are successful the other face they wear but don’t show often is one who never feels good enough and is negative. When two Gemini’s are both at a negative place in their life, they bring each other down very quickly. Usually when one is struggling the other is strong but they have their moments where they both fall hard and need to be alone in those moments.

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Libra + Aquarius: One of the most social duos who make friends everywhere they go. They have fun. But when it’s time to be serious about things and one person has to wear the responsible shoes neither want to. This is the couple who struggles financially getting buried on bills and debt and that’s what makes them resent each other.

Scorpio + Aquarius: The greatest struggle in this duo are in the moments they need to have serious conversations. A Scorpio tends to repress feelings while an Aquarius doesn’t notice details as closely. So while a Scorpio might be dropping hints something is wrong their partner won’t catch on until it’s said to them in black and white but Scorpios struggle in saying how they feel.

Leo + Virgo: This couple is more mature than most and has a really solid relationship but problems occur when it comes to making sacrifices. Each very invested in their job, career and personal life and it’s hard to give up parts of their life to appease someone they care about because each individual thrives because of the freedom they are given.

Leo + Sagittarius: This couple has the least drama. Even when problems do arise it’s something talked about and each person feels the same way.

Libra + Sagittarius: While these two get along great and have fun, a Libra needs a partner that they emotionally connect to and when a Sag can’t be that person a Libra feels lonely even when they are standing next to them.

Sagittarius + Aquarius: This couple is an interesting one because neither is more emotional than the other. But being that way could be what causes problems in the relationship. Sometimes it’s good to have someone who is more emotionally invested.

Cancer + Pisces: This combination is one which each person is very nice. Maybe too nice. Pisces need someone to keep them grounded as they go off in a fantasy they think can be a reality. But a Cancer feeds into that and they create this relationship that looks and feels like everything is going to be perfect but they never address issues that are actually issues.

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Leo + Capricorn: This couple is the most private. Their relationship is for them and only them and they are fine with that. Their greatest issue is when their whole lives become just about the relationship one person ends up resenting the other one.

Libra + Libra: When this duo comes together it’s sometimes a blessing other times a curse. When you are so much alike you fight for that reason alone and Libras are no exception. Both very stubborn and don’t like admitting when they are wrong they would rather ignore the problem and move forward but that just adds baggage to the relationship.

Capricorn + Pisces: Pisces are needy and it takes the right person to understand, respect that and be what they need to see them thrive. What causes a lot of relationships to fail with Pisces is they become clingy and Caps don’t do clingy well.

Cancer + Capricorn: Their greatest difference in values that don’t align. While they try and meet each other halfway and make compromises there are some things even a partner can’t change about you.

Taurus + Virgo: This is a couple that’s okay with what others consider boring. They are fine with staying in. They are fine with going to bed early. What looks and appears like a relationship old people might have is perfect for them but when one person suddenly changes a bit and starts comparing themselves to other relationship that’s when problems arise because this pair is not like other couples.

Virgo + Pisces: This relationship is one of the more practical ones. But practical sometimes means boring and even though it’s a relationship that’s everything relationships should be, honest, loyal and loving. Sometimes there needs to be something a little more exciting to keep it going.

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Gemini + Leo: This is a couple that thrives when they are young but when it comes to being more serious or taking the next big steps, that’s where they fail because while each person might want to, together they aren’t right for a mature and adult relationship.

Aries + Aquarius: Emotionally and mentally this pair is very strong. But problems arise when the relationship just becomes too emotional for either person to handle that they have to walk away.

Virgo + Aquarius: This couple will be one that has a long-lasting relationship. Years even. But even people who seem perfect together sometimes stop being that way. They outgrew one another and simply walk away with no hard feelings.

Taurus + Taurus: When two very difficult personalities come together it’s hard at first. These two probably didn’t like each other at first but under the dislike was really challenging each other and seeing how much the other person could take. Taurus thrive in that relationship but this duo fails at a point when don’t stop fighting. It’s almost like each person starts looking for reasons to be angry and they find them.

Aries + Aries: While it’s great to have similar personalities that’s where a lot of people who are so much alike run into relationship problems. Opposites really do attract and it’s important to not be clones of each other.

Leo + Aquarius: This couple is one that has their most intimidate moments in the bedroom. It’s an emotional connection that lacks. It’s vital to have both a physical and emotional connection but it is hard to find.

Virgo + Sagittarius: Sags love traveling and trying new things this will push a Virgo out of their comfort zone. While the balance of opposites is a good thing, Sags tend to need a long leash and are overwhelmed by someone too emotionally invested. It’s usually a Sagittarius who calls it quits.

Aries + Leo: This is the couple that might annoy you on Insta. Two people who appear like they have the perfect relationship. But behind closed doors is something far from that. They fight a lot. What makes this relationship difficult is in moments of it being toxic they struggle to walk away from each other.

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Gemini + Aquarius: While this relationship is one that is very passionate and loving and looks like forever when it ends there isn’t one person it’s easier for. Both people hurt a bit walking away from something good, realizing that it wasn’t enough.

Virgo + Scorpio: This relationship has issues because both a Virgo and a Scorpio have their moments of being selfish and putting themselves before relationships. When two people in a relationship are like this, the relationship or the other person will never come first and that’s where they fail.

Cancer + Cancer: This is a relationship that can be too deep and emotional and that is the only flaw. Two people who are so emotionally invested overwhelm each other.

Aries + Libra: Each person in this relationship are alphas. On their good days it’s a strong support system on the bad days it’s a fight for power and stopping at nothing to be the stronger one in the relationship. A competition like that is toxic for everyone involved.

Cancer + Virgo: These two together are couples who strive to avoid conflict the most. While it’s good to not fight it’s essential to be able to have difficult conversations and get through it together. But this couple doesn’t want to.

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Virgo + Libra: This pair together are two people who strive to make the other person really happy but put their own needs on the backburner which becomes a problem as they let their feelings bubble up about issues. Eventually, it all comes out at once and that can overwhelm the other person.

Taurus + Libra: A Taurus has a tougher personality while a Libra is easy going and gets along with everyone. Libra’s thrive in a spotlight and while a Taurus gets easily jealous. Their greatest issues are that. A Libra can’t pretend to be someone they aren’t and they shouldn’t feel guilty for it but in an attempt to dim their own light, they feel their partner is holding them back.

Leo + Pisces: Pisces are givers. Most issues in their relationship are when they give too much and become too emotionally invested. Pisces is the relationship type and while a Leo is good and loyal they get easily overwhelmed by the expectations a Pisces might put on them.

Cancer + Leo: This is another duo in which the fight for power is present. A Leo is used to being the dominant one in a relationship and a Cancer doesn’t sit well being second. While a relationship is about balance and switching roles this pair can’t seem to find that equally.

Cancer + Sagittarius: Each laid back and tries to avoid conflict. When partnered with a Cancer, Sags tend to be more emotional of the two which is a great balance. But in moments a Cancer needs to rise to the occasion and be serious they struggle to.

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Virgo + Virgo: This is a safe relationship. One where each person understands each other and comes very easy. But easy is sometimes boring and Virgo needs someone who challenges them.

Gemini + Capricorn: A Gemini needs someone who kisses the ground they walk on. They thrive in a relationship where they are the one openly appreciated more. A Capricorn tries to be what a Gemini needs but they have high standards that are difficult for anyone to reach.

Leo + Scorpio: This pair constantly fights for power to a point where they hurt each other trying to win it.

Scorpio + Scorpio: Scorpios more than anyone need someone who compliments them not replicate them and that’s where is duo struggles.

Taurus + Gemini: Gemini’s tend to be unpredictable and a Taurus needs someone who is confident and stable both with the relationship and themselves. A Gemini tends to be all over the place and Taurus can’t help them until they want to help themselves.

Cancer + Aquarius: These two fight more than any sign. It’s a relationship that turns quickly toxic.

Gemini + Scorpio: A Scorpio is probably the best judge of character while a Gemini is good at deceiving people and appearing like they care. Once a Scorpio sees through the act they are playing and their attempt to try and use and take advantage of them, A Scorpio cuts them off so fast.

Leo + Leo: This couple struggles with finding a balance and what they need because when you date someone like you, you can predict everything and a Leo needs something more spontaneous.

Aries + Pisces: Aries tend to repress emotions while a Pisces is unable to do that. Pisces are so in tune with their emotions they struggle to understand how someone might not be. Aries repress feelings and struggle to say what they feel which leaves a Pisces feeling empty needing something more from their partner.

Aquarius + Pisces: This is a couple of extremes. A couple that lives in an area of black or white never grey. They are either getting along famously or screaming at one another. The lack of balance and stability is what causes it to end.

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Aries + Taurus: A Taurus likes to control relationships while an Aries won’t fight for power but wants to feel respected and understood which seems to be what lacks within their relationship.

Libra + Capricorn: Even with the best intentions these two bring out the worst in each other.

Taurus + Leo: Jealousy is what leads these two to fights that could be avoided if each were more confident in each other, themselves and the relationship but they aren’t.

Aries + Capricorn: This is a couple that came into each other’s lives when they each needed someone but that’s all it is.

Taurus + Aquarius: The differences at first appear like they work. But a Taurus needs someone calmer who they can control, a bit spontaneous, an Aquarius needs a long leash and someone who isn’t going to hold them back.

Capricorn + Aquarius: It’s a relationship that began as a friendship and each person wondered about the potential but some relationships are better as an idea than a real relationship.

Gemini + Cancer: These two aren’t people who come together naturally. It’s a relationship that takes a lot of work and effort. But love and good relationships supposed to be so hard.

Aries + Cancer: They push each other to try and be different but it’s the constant need to want to change their partner that makes it fail in the end.

Taurus + Sagittarius: These two are both terribly stubborn which leads to a lot of silence and fights that get ignored rather than addressed because no one wants to admit they were wrong.

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Aries + Scorpio: Scorpios like to control the relationship while having their freedom and an Aries needs reassurance and something they are sure of. It becomes hard because a Scorpio begins to resent them for what they need and it just becomes too much.

Sagittarius + Capricorn: Two people who are happy to have someone but it isn’t the right someone but neither of them wants to admit it.

Gemini + Virgo: This is the couple that drives each other off the edge. It’s constant fighting and more fighting without resolution and neither person will try and change their ways.

Taurus + Scorpio: These stubborn personalities have toxic written all over it. While it might seem like an exciting challenge in the beginning, each person seems to bring out the worst in each other in the end.

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