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This Is Every Birth Month’s Biggest Relationship Dealbreaker

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Your biggest dealbreaker is geographical distance. You really don’t want to be in a long-distance relationship because you want to start building a life with your partner. You want to roll over and see them next to you in bed in the morning. You want to spend as much quality time together as possible, and that’s simply too hard when they live too far away.


Your biggest dealbreaker is conformity. You don’t want to date a yes-man, someone who agrees with every single thing that comes out of your mouth and never has an original thought of their own. You want someone who shares their personal opinions and ideas with you. Not someone who says what they think you want to hear to make you happy.

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Your biggest dealbreaker is a lack of effort. Really, you aren’t asking for much. All you want is to know that your person cares. You want them to put energy into the relationship so you aren’t the only one trying. You expect them to do their fair share in the relationship, to show that they care about you enough to go out of their way for you.


Your biggest dealbreaker is neediness. You are a kind, loving soul — but you don’t want to spend 24/7 together. You want the freedom to pursue your own hobbies and passions without feeling guilty about abandoning this person. You need someone who has their own life. Someone who is okay with you stepping away for a while.

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Your biggest dealbreaker is flakiness. You don’t handle it well when plans are changed at the last second. And when someone shows up late or cancels without warning, it feels disrespectful. It feels like they don’t value you or your time. You aren’t going to waste your days on someone who can’t be there when they said they would.


Your biggest dealbreaker is a lack of trust. You can’t date someone who is questioning every move you make. You’re an independent person who intends on having their own life, regardless of whether you are single or taken. If someone tries too hard to control you or questions your faithfulness, you won’t want to stay.

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Your biggest dealbreaker is inconsistency. You don’t want someone who treats you well one day then goes MIA the next day. You need someone who stays, someone who follows through on their promises, someone who you can count on. If they are too unpredictable, you are never going to feel comfortable loving them.


Your biggest dealbreaker is immaturity. If someone is unable to apologize authentically or admit when they’re wrong, you are going to get sick of them quickly. You need a partner who owns up to their mistakes and tries to do better, a partner who is actively trying to grow and learn every single day.


Your biggest dealbreaker is a lack of communication. Having a conversation with your partner shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth. You don’t want to force them to open up against their will. You need someone who is going to actively tell you what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling so that you’re on the same page. Someone who will never lie or play pretend.

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Your biggest dealbreaker is emotional distance. If you feel like this person is a million miles away, even though they’re sitting next to you on the couch, then there’s a problem. Being physically present isn’t enough. You need emotional presence. You need this person to really commit, to really let you in.


Your biggest dealbreaker is unfaithfulness. If your person even hints at the fact they’re interested in someone else, you won’t want them anymore. You need to know that this person is one hundred percent committed to you, that they’re never going to cheat or abandon you out of the blue. If you can’t trust them, it’s over.


Your biggest dealbreaker is lack of interest. If someone seems bored by your stories or acts like you’re a burden to hang out with, you won’t want to waste time with them. You want a partner who is as excited about a future with you as you are with them. If the emotions feel lopsided, then you would rather be alone.

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