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Horoscope For Today: Sunday, January 14, 2024

A rough start at the beginning smooths out and becomes more clear by the end for the zodiac signs today!

On January 14th, 2024, the morning starts with the Moon in Aquarius forming a square to Uranus in Taurus at 4:59 am (EST). For those arising to start their day, this transit makes us feel more emotional and impulsive. We are more stubborn and moody, particularly if we are dealing with an issue or conflict—and it pushes us to want to make bold, eccentric moves in response. Unfortunately, taking those kinds of risks is more likely to backfire, so keeping a level head is for the best, even when it’s hard.

Once we move to the night, some shifts in the astrological realm take place that clear our minds, soften our hearts, and hopefully bring more reassurance. At 9:46 pm, Mercury moves into the practical earth sign of Capricorn, and at 10:29 pm, the Moon moves into the dreamy water sign Pisces. With Mercury moving into Capricorn from Sagittarius, our mental clarity and communication get a grounded, no-nonsense approach that pushes us to find solutions. The Moon moving into Pisces from Aquarius guides us to feel our emotions rather than analyze them from a distance. They form a sextile at 10:33 pm, each energy supporting the other and making room for us to feel more optimistic and communicate well with those around us about what is on our hearts and minds. We can rest easy and plan to embrace new things tomorrow.

Check your signs below (Sun and Rising!) to see what today has in store for you!


Today may feel like a day to clean house regarding your connections–or at least reassess them, Aries. Initially, you could be harboring some unresolved emotions surrounding your current group of friends or the social circles you run in. You may feel your values aren’t aligned with the groups you are close to or that you have been desiring respect from certain people and have compromised your thoughts and values as a result. It’s starting to frustrate you, and you aren’t sure what to do with the feelings. Remember that acting impulsively won’t be your best bet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sit with the emotions and figure out where to go.

Later, once Mercury moves into Capricorn and the Moon moves into Pisces, you may feel you have a balance of head and heart to communicate what you need and what matters to you. The sextile between these two bodies can provide a great opportunity for you to run things by a trusted friend or loved one before having conversations with others and make you feel more secure in your approach.


You want to be true to yourself and make an impact, but knowing where to start is hard, Taurus. You have strong foundations and beliefs, but that stubbornness doesn’t always come across to everyone else how you’d like. You are feeling more resentful of times you have to be “less authentic” to not make waves, particularly in a work or public environment—and today, you are feeling more intent than ever to shake things up. Remember that it’s important to take a stand, but ensure you’re prepared to handle the fallout that may occur.

Later in the evening, when Mercury moves into Capricorn and the Moon moves into Pisces, you could feel a softer, clearer perspective on better handling these emotions. The sextile between them in your 9th House of Philosophy, Higher Education, and Travel and 11th House of Friendships and Networking could open the door for conversations with friends, reminding you that you don’t need to take these things on alone. You can make an impact when you join others who share your values and see you for who you are.


The day starts as you wrestle internally with your thoughts, particularly the rigid beliefs and frameworks to which you need to hold yourself. You may prefer possibilities, but sometimes, our inner anxiety feels out of control and clings to beliefs that may do more harm than good. Today, you may feel the need to cling tighter, but it’s more self-sabotage than healing. Diving into the intrusive thoughts isn’t going to yield the results you think.

Later, when Mercury moves into Capricorn and the Moon moves into Pisces, the emotional weight feels lighter, and your thoughts feel more direct—cutting through all the white noise is a reminder of the power you hold, particularly when you work on healing your past baggage and do the inner healing work. When these two bodies form a sextile, you may feel the desire to share these feelings more publicly or in the confidence of a trusted partner or friend but know that it’s worth expressing.


The day starts with restless feelings surrounding your desire for intimate connection versus society and social circles. You may feel tension as you try to figure out how you can honor and protect yourself on a personal level while still being involved in society. Emotionally, you may want to withdraw, but in every other facet, you feel the need to shake things up and challenge the status quo.

Later, when Mercury moves into Capricorn, and the Moon moves into Pisces, these feelings start to form a more cohesive picture. You long to use the beliefs you hold and the lessons you learn to bring about change, and your close relationships can serve as your sounding board and catalyst for these feelings—you’re excited about what comes next, and it’s worth having your world broadened by the views of people you hold close.


You could feel a tension between your personal relationships and your reputation at larger, Leo. Today, you could feel pent up and want to make a bold move, but doing so might put your relationships or connection with other colleagues at risk—rather than acting impulsively, it’s good to sit with what’s really bothering you to make effective changes.

Later, when Mercury moves into Capricorn, and the Moon moves into Pisces, this can pay off in terms of brainstorming new ways to fix the issues bothering you. When these bodies form a sextile in your 6th House of Routines, Habits, and Wellness and your 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources, you may find that new structure and ways you operate at work could benefit you better in the long run—and you feel more confident in communicating these ideas rather than holding onto resentment. You’ll be ready to bring these ideas to the table tomorrow morning!


Today starts with wrestling with what you feel you owe to people, Virgo. You feel a strong responsibility to show up, particularly to uphold and stand firm in your beliefs. You long to let loose and explore but feel a moral obligation to stay the course—yet today finds you more irritable about this than usual.

Later, when Mercury moves into Capricorn and the Moon moves into Pisces, you feel some ease as you let loose and enjoy your life, partially in the company of your loved ones. While you know the responsibility you hold, being able to experience joy is essential to your well-being, and it’s good to feel secure in that understanding.


Things weigh on you heavily in the early part of the day, Libra. You feel a pull toward wanting to be optimistic and enjoy life as is, but there is a desire to honor the parts of you that are changing. You want to flirt and embrace things in an easygoing manner, yet so much upheaval has been taking place in your personal life and inner world—you feel the need to shake things up rather than let a good thing exist. It will not protect you in the long run, isolating yourself from these experiences.

Later, when Mercury moves into Capricorn and the Moon moves into Pisces, you could feel the strong desire to retreat inward and focus on your personal goals and strengths instead of your relationships. What inner healing must you do to accept healthy relationships when they arrive? Talking it over with some trusted family or doing some self-care tonight could help bring those things to light.


Your current ways of navigating relationships may cause tension in your home life, Scorpio, and it’s bothering you on multiple levels. Whether you have an unorthodox relationship or choose a different path, there could be some tension between the ways you were raised and the ways you choose to engage now—and intense emotions may push you to want to lash out and criticize others for it. It won’t make you feel better, unfortunately.

Later, when Mercury moves into Capricorn, and the Moon moves into Pisces, you may find that the more you open up and have conversations with those around you, the more peace you may have in your current love life. Talking with close friends, siblings, or others in your community about their experiences can make you realize your path isn’t so out there after all and make you feel more secure as you explore it further.


You’re feeling in a rut this morning, Sagittarius. You are more than aware that the mundane aspects of your day-to-day life can feel draining, but you do it because you must. Emotions may rise to the surface today, particularly if you feel your talents are being wasted. You could feel like quitting your job or lashing out at those you work with, but that won’t solve your problem.

Later, when Mercury moves into Capricorn, and the Moon moves into Pisces, you could feel more aligned, communicating what you want and need from your life to feel more passionate or fulfilled. Talking over new plans with your family or looking into new places to move could open the door for you to find a more suitable position work-wise for you–one that provides security and that can feel more useful.


You want to express yourself, but it’s hard to know how Capricorn. You start the day with tension between needing to make money and honor your values versus expressing yourself (creatively or romantically) in a way that feels more authentic. The issue is that these two things don’t align, or one could jeopardize the other. Taking too much of a risk right now could backfire.

Later, when Mercury moves into Capricorn, and the Moon moves into Pisces, you will likely feel a calmer, more concise energy in expressing who you are in a more direct, fulfilling manner. Writing things out could help bring that vision more into focus and help you feel more grounded as you navigate the balance in the future.


How you feel about yourself and how you were raised are at odds this morning, Aquarius. You could be wrestling with self-doubt, particularly if you’re moving on the right path. Whether you had an unorthodox upbringing or simply tension as you stray from the path, it’s tempting to want to make big moves and prove something—but you don’t have to do that.

Later, when Mercury moves into Capricorn, and the Moon moves into Pisces, you may find that becoming more introspective and sitting with your feelings about what matters to you—on an emotional and spiritual level—could shine a brighter light on the path you’re continuing to explore. Writing down your insights or talking them through later with someone you deeply trust may prove beneficial.


Today starts with some self-doubt, Pisces—but it’s not something to give too much power to. You may struggle to understand or communicate your emotions, and the disconnect may make you feel more impulsive than usual as you try to break through it. However, distracting yourself or trying to skip ahead and avoid the inner work will only hurt you in the long term.

Later, when Mercury moves into Capricorn, and the Moon moves into Pisces, there could be a softer approach enveloping you as you get much-needed support from your friends who can tell you what you mean to them. You may be able to see yourself more gently rather than harshly—no need to avoid the difficult emotions when you know you don’t have to endure them alone.

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