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Horoscope For Thursday, January 25, 2024

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Today, the cosmos present us with some confusingly contradictory energy: while the moon is in steady and sensitive Cancer, urging us to find comfort in our home and family affairs, there is a stellium of planets lined up in Capricorn giving us the necessary can-do attitude to accomplish everything we want to do this week.

A sextile between Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus provides supportive ground for achievement, especially in relation to spiritual or creative pursuits. Whatever is built under this aspect is likely to survive the test of time, and depending on your personal placements, you could sow some serious abundance. With this much Saturnian energy in the skies right now, you are likely to feel more serious and practical about your goals.

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How will this impact you personally? Check your rising sign below.


The moon is at home today in your fourth house, bringing attention to your domestic priorities. It’s a good day to text your mom or drop by a relative’s house. If you’re snowed in and have to work from home, you’ll probably be secretly relieved you can spend the day in your pajamas. The harmonious sextile between Saturn in your twelfth house and Jupiter in your second could shed light on secrets relating to your personal values and finances. If you’ve been struggling to figure out how to balance your spiritual and practical sides, you might experience a lightbulb moment today.

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With the moon transiting your third house today, you’ll find communication easier, particularly amongst female relatives and maternal figures in your community. Seek counsel from mentors who you respect and allow them to share their wisdom rather than stubbornly believing you know it all. You might be surprised to learn how valuable intergenerational dialogue truly is. As Saturn in your eleventh house forms a sextile to Jupiter in your first, you can expect your personal identity and unique abilities to impress your network and draw a crowd. With a support system behind you, feel free to stand up for yourself and step into your power. You are empowered by a very grounded, respectable kind of confidence today.

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Money is on your mind today with the moon transiting your second house, but if you are in trouble, you’ll likely be able to find support from your older relatives. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. A long line of matrilineal ancestors are helping you quietly behind the scenes to find your power. Take advantage of today’s sextile between Saturn in your tenth house and Jupiter in your twelfth. Allow your authenticity to lead and don’t be fearful of expressing your vulnerabilities, as they are your hidden strength.

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The moon in your first house creates a certain illuminating force to your appearance today and makes you extra alluring to everyone you come across. You may feel as though you have to play the mothering role to everyone today, but you should take this as a compliment: your friends and family view you as a safe space and trust you with their vulnerabilities. Provide support, but don’t let yourself get burnt out. Today there is a sextile between Saturn in your ninth house and Jupiter in your eleventh, indicating that conversations between friends and colleagues might bend towards the existential. If you feel you’re getting in too deep, just remember that sometimes a listening ear is all people need to feel supported. You don’t need to agree or disagree. Just let them talk.

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Today you might feel more secretive than usual, coveting your solitude rather than desiring the attention you typically crave. The moon is bringing secrets to the surface in your twelfth house, putting a greater focus on your inner world. Prioritize your mental health today and don’t exert yourself for the sake of others. There is a supportive sextile between Saturn in your eighth house and Jupiter in your tenth, potentially taking your secrets public—but the response from your friends and colleagues is likely to be more supportive than critical. If you’ve been repressing your struggles, today might be the day to admit you need help.

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The moon in your eleventh house makes you feel more comfortable around social groups, particularly those dominated by women. You will find it easy to communicate your emotions and feelings while also holding space for others. Allow your peers to open up to you; you might be surprised how quickly the line between business and friendship can become blurred. On that note, don’t turn down any invites to brunch. One new friend opens doors and creates a space where you can build many fulfilling relationships. Furthermore, Saturn is currently in your seventh house, creating excellent potential for long-term, mature romantic relationships—and it’s forming a sextile to Jupiter in your ninth house, so keep an eye out for any handsome foreign strangers.

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With the moon in your tenth house, your reputation and career is preoccupying most of your thoughts today. Especially if you work remotely, or run your own business out of your home, take advantage of the auspicious energy today and get as much done as you can. You’ll feel a pleasant sense of satisfaction knowing you accomplished so much under pressure. Female bosses and superiors are definitely taking notice of your hard work and you will likely be rewarded, thanks to Saturn’s sextile to Jupiter in your sixth and eighth houses, respectively. This means more money at work, paid-off debts, and a potential partnership that could remove the burden of financial responsibility from your shoulders.

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Ninth-house moon transits can bring rededication to spiritual and religious practices, but they’re also great for getting down to business and studying hard. If you’re a student, this is a great day to write an exam or do a presentation. Your mind will work faster today, putting you in the right mental state to learn and absorb new information. Keep an eye out for maternal figures from other cultural or religious backgrounds who can provide guidance. Also, it’s a great day for you if you’re looking for love: the beautiful sextile between Saturn in your fifth house and Jupiter in your seventh brings the possibility that a casual affair will get more serious. Congratulations in advance to some of you, who will get engaged under these highly auspicious transits!

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Your mind is focused on how to share resources with other women today, since the moon is in your eighth house. What could that mean for you specifically? Inheritances from elderly grandparents, opportunities to move in with friends, and kind strangers lending you financial help are all possibilities. If you’re obsessively fixated on dark, taboo topics today, express these feelings sincerely and relieve yourself of the burden. There is no shame in revealing your fears. Once they’re out there, they no longer hold power over you. Are you trying to move soon? Saturn in your fourth house forming a sextile to Jupiter in your sixth makes this an excellent day to house-hunt, especially if you’re looking for a place to settle that’s a bit closer to your place of work.

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Today most of your attention is on your partner, with the moon hanging out in your seventh house of relationships, but you might also find it to be a fruitful day for networking with other potential business partners. If you’ve been longing to meet more women in your field, get out there and network. The feminine energy of Cancer is supportive of this ambition. Your communication skills will be top notch today, too: Saturn in your third house will form a sextile to Jupiter in your fifth, making you very fun and sociable. Be careful your words aren’t misconstrued, though; some could take your charming flirtatious energy more seriously than you intend.

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Your priority is work, work, and more work. With the moon in your sixth house, you’ll be busy all day, whether you’re sending emails, planning an event, or simply decluttering your home. If you feel inclined to exercise or eat clean today, don’t ignore that impulse; you might accidentally kickstart a brand-new habit that changes your life and lasts well into the future. Saturn in your second house might bring delays to your financial life, but the sextile to Jupiter in your fourth will deliver a supportive home environment in which to wait it out.

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Your fifth house is lit up today, with the moon hanging out there all day and bringing new excitement and thrill to your creative and romantic sector. It’s not exactly a bad day to put yourself out there and go on a blind date, but if that’s not your style, stay at home and swipe—no obligations or expectations necessary. Your right brain will be easy to access today, even if you work in STEM; you’ll be thinking innovatively and coming up with creative solutions to problems all day. Saturn in your first house will give you a more severe and hard-working appearance, encouraging others to take you seriously. The trine to Jupiter in your third house will enable you to communicate your ideas more fluidly.

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