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Horoscope For Friday, January 26, 2024

Today, January 26, 2024, the Full Moon in Leo is going to help us elevate further now that Pluto is in Aquarius. We have the opportunity to reflect on how our confidence has transformed since Saturn left Aquarius last year. We also get to see how our evolution will enable us to seek more success in the next several decades. The Moon in Leo wants you to thrive, rejoice, and honor yourself. Look at your rising, sun, and moon sign to see where this transit will make you shine in your chart.


The last several years have allowed you to mature and evolve much more since Saturn in Aquarius might have made you feel less confident. Now is your moment to take on the spotlight, start your creative endeavors, and give it your all. Romance is in the air, and you will enjoy the excitement surrounding the transit.


This is a critical transit for you as the Moon tests what you have built and can make you question the direction you want to go in. Nevertheless, you will still see your resilience as you connect with the power you hold. You appreciate how the friendships you have made have helped your evolution.


You can feel this energy expanding your horizon, and it could make you feel more energized to socialize, connect, and build within your community. The Moon here helps you shine with the way you communicate and present yourself to others. This is a great time to reflect on your philosophy’s growth and expansion.


Getting back on track is one of the focuses of this transit. Now with Pluto in Aquarius, you are going to look at yourself with new lenses since this Moon is going to make you magnetic. This is a period of meeting new people and becoming more honest with what you seek in relationships. You are putting yourself first and expecting more from potential partners.


The star of the show and the one with the most dramatic growth. The Full Moon helps you plant those seeds needed now that Pluto is also in Aquarius. Your desire to learn goes up during this time. In your career sector, you can see how your hard work is paying off, and it could be the perfect period to become more knowledgeable in topics relating to a hobby or your career.


The Moon in Leo not only has you reminiscing but can help catapult your plans since you have a lot more patience during this transit. This is a time to also ask for help from others if you have felt overwhelmed. Communicating with friends and/or family could be healing during this time.


Discovering how you can be there for others while also learning to protect yourself can be a manifestation of this transit. You have more awareness now regarding the people you allow in your life. The energy during this time also can help you establish a more solid connection with prospective relationships since you can see who has your best interest and who does not.


One of the most important transits happening this month for fixed signs is the Full Moon in Leo. For the next several weeks you are more in command and taking on responsibilities with greater knowledge and confidence. The transit also allows you to reconnect with those you love because home will be a place where you recharge. Leo’s energy will help you feel more independent and will help you see your leadership potential.


As a fire sign, the Full Moon in Leo will spark creative opportunities and more courage. You have the opportunity to embark on a new learning adventure that sparks your mind and allows you to meet new people. Traveling could be part of this transit or you gain more experience in your field. Acquiring information could be much easier for you since you are energized.


We close your season on a high note with Mars, Venus, and Mercury in your sign. Now you are focusing on bringing more self-care with the Full Moon in Leo. This is a period of healing, self-discovery, and forgiveness. The transit will help you find your direction for the next several weeks as you continue to incorporate more self-love. A major chapter begins where you feel more optimistic now that Pluto has moved away from your sign.


While this transit is revitalizing your relationship house, you are also seeing the changes on the career level as well. The Full Moon can spark your ambitions because Pluto and the Sun are also in your sign, driving you to achieve more success. You are unstoppable, even if you feel that more responsibilities are being thrown your way.


Saturn has shaped the way you look at work as well as your routines. The transit will enlighten you on how to work more efficiently while prioritizing yourself. You can recognize how much you have evolved and flourished over the last year. The Moon could teach you how to help others while firmly establishing boundaries.

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