Zodiac Signs


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Do you want to know if a person you have just met is correct? Here is the opinion of the stars.

When you know someone new, the questions are many and among them there is certainly the one concerning the way of being and behaving and, above all, fairness .
If you too tend to wonder if a person you just met will prove to be correct in life and, in particular, towards you, this post is for you.
Today, in fact, after having seen which are the most intrusive signs of the zodiac and which are the most reliable , we will see which are the most correct and how much we can trust them.
Since this is a characteristic that also has to do with the way people feel, reading the profile relating to the ascendant will give a more precise idea of ​​the situation.

Here are the zodiac signs seen by the stars according to their degree of correctness

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Aries – Not quite correct
Those born under the sign of Aries are not always correct in life. Being very competitive, if they have the opportunity to trip without being seen they don’t think twice. For this reason, when dealing with them, it is always best to keep your eyes peeled. In fact, if the opportunity presents itself to them, they will always and only think of themselves and everything without the slightest remorse.

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Taurus – Fairly Fair
Taurus natives are generally fair, especially if there is nothing really important to fight for. In life they like to proceed more on merit than for anything else and this is already a basis that pushes them to act in a way that is coherent with their thinking. Of course, there will always be situations that can put them on the other side of the fence. As long as they can, however, they will always choose the life of fairness, avoiding in any case to play the double game, at least as long as they can.

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Gemini – Correct
Gemini is quite transparent and sincere. If they feel it is necessary to fight even by making compromises they do not like, they will not hesitate to make it known, thus putting things on a more correct level. Always careful not to hurt others for no reason, they are often also little motivated by things to go beyond correctness. This can vary if their loved ones are involved or if they are faced with an extremely important goal.

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Cancer – Almost Always Correct
Those born under the sign of Cancer are essentially fair enough especially because having to act dirty would make them too anxious. Nevertheless, their way of being can lead them to see things from the wrong perspective, thus leading them to act incorrectly even if in reality they will not be aware of it. This can happen if they feel hurt or if they think they are not good enough in someone’s eyes. The sense of loneliness in the affections makes them in fact not very lucid and extremely in need of confirmation, which can also push them to act in ways that normally they would not even take into consideration.

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Leo – Not always correct
The natives of Leo are not very correct people, especially when it comes to making a career. In this case, in order to reach the set goal, they are willing to do some tripping, forgiving themselves immediately after the thought, among other things wrong, that anyone in their place would behave in the same way. Their way of acting changes with the affections towards which they show greater shrewdness. If you have work colleagues, however, it is always good to be careful because in their race for success they do not see who they are next to and simply tend to run aiming only at the goal.

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Virgo – Correct until proven otherwise
Those born under the sign of Virgo are essentially correct people. The problem is that their correctness depends on their way of seeing things which is not always in line with that of others. It may therefore happen that they act differently from what one would expect without creating the slightest problem and all because in their eyes, in fact, nothing particular has happened. In short, even when they seem sincere and armed with the best attention it is always better to pay attention to their actions.

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Libra – Very Correct
The natives of Libra are almost always fair people. In life they like to make their way based on their abilities which they believe in to the point of not being afraid of losing any competition. Sure, maybe they won’t help to take advantage but they sure never cheat, carrying out any situation correctly and always with respect and kindness.

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Scorpio – Correct Unless You Are at War
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are essentially fair people who firmly believe in certain values ​​and who are always trying to behave as loyally as possible. However, their way of doing things disappears when they find themselves in front of someone who in some way has hurt them or who has done them such a wrong as to make them ponder revenge. In this case their desire for justice will lead them to use every means in their possession to achieve the desired revenge, putting aside any intention of loyalty. Better stay away from them if they have been hurt.

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Sagittarius – Correct As Much As They Can
Sagittarius natives love to call themselves fair people, which is why when they find themselves in the middle of a situation they try their best to play cleanly. If they find themselves in difficulty, however, they do not hesitate to also show a competitive side or that in a not too obvious way aims to achieve the goal even at the cost of not being completely correct. They can therefore consider themselves people who try but who do not always manage to keep their intentions.

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Capricorn – Correct unless you feel in danger
Those born under the sign of Capricorn love linear things and correct people and when they can they try to be in turn. This fails if they feel threatened or endangered in any way. In this case something greater is triggered in them that leads them to lie or behave treacherously only to justify themselves to themselves to soothe the feelings of guilt. In their case it is not a question of nastiness but of weakness or inability to manage stressful situations.

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Aquarius – Correct When It Happens
The natives of Aquarius don’t have a big problem with whether or not they are correct. If they can, they do it without problems, otherwise, with equal serenity, they behave as they see fit, trying to do their best to get the benefits they need. A way of doing that is natural for them and that anyone who knows them recognizes as typical of their way of being. After all, these are people who do not fear the judgment of others and who always tend to put themselves first.

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Pisces – Extremely Correct
Pisces are so correct that they risk falling to the opposite side. In order to do the right thing and not to put anyone at a disadvantage, they risk losing themselves. This is due to their empathy and the desire to always know everyone happy. A way of being that if this were the case for everyone would really create the basis for a better world but which, if put into practice only by them, often leads to misunderstandings or imaginable problems. Never take advantage of them, however, because when they feel used they know how to close like never before and not having them as friends anymore would really be a great loss.

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