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These Zodiac Signs Keep Their Promises

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When promises are broken, it hurts. Whether you can rely on the word of your counterpart or have to reckon that his promise is not worth much, a look at his zodiac sign tells you.

A promise is a promise that will not be broken. We all know this nursery rhyme and yet we constantly experience that we are not allowed to give too much to the word of some people: Our best friend has divulged our most intimate secret, and instead of the promised shopping tour, our friend has soccer with the boys on Saturday Plan and if the boss says that the company is not doing as well as it has been for a long time, the next day the bankruptcy report comes next.

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Of course, we know what we’re about with people we’ve known for a long time. But if we get to know a new person, we do not initially know how reliable this person is and whether we can trust them. A look at the birthday and thus the zodiac sign helps us to better assess our counterpart. Of the twelve signs of the zodiac, four can be considered particularly reliable contemporaries. We prefer to remain silent about the most unreliable zodiac signs in order not to burden ourselves.

These zodiac signs stand by their word


Virgo zodiac sign 

A detail that virgins ignore? That does not exist. Everything is carefully thought out and until it is not perfect, it is not finished. Sometimes we want to curse virgins for their pedantry. But what sometimes annoys us also has a big advantage: If a Virgo promises you something, then she will keep it! Come what may, that’s a promise!

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star sign Cancer

Cancer is probably the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. Not only are they extremely sensitive and react to every small change in their environment, but they also use their own emotions as a yardstick for their actions. Cancers always wonder how they would be if they were treated like this and they act accordingly.

This means that they absolutely keep their promises. If you are not entirely sure that you can keep your word, then you do not make any promises in order not to disappoint anyone.

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astrological sign Leo

The lion likes to be the center of attention, but not at any price. They don’t like negative attention at all, but honest admiration very much. You can also see this in their promises: If Leos promise you something, then you can be sure that it’s as good as done. Because whoever keeps his word, gets a lot of admiration.

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Scorpio zodiac sign

Your principles are hugely important to Scorpios. They tend to follow strict rules their entire life, which some people want to despair of adhering to. Scorpios stick to their rules, however, because anything else would disappoint them of themselves.

If a Scorpio promises you something, then it will keep it. But be careful: Scorpios expect the same from you, otherwise, you will quickly feel their bite – if only on principle!

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