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Here’s Why You’re “Better” Single Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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People are afraid to date you because you are too spontaneous. It can be difficult to plan anything with you because you never know what to expect from you.

When a person establishes a serious relationship, they expect the person they are engaging with to be more reliable.

Another thing that makes it difficult for people who are dating you is your inability to compromise.

Letting the other get what they want from time to time won’t hurt you.

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Let’s get it straight: you are a control freak. You want things to be done and you want them to be done your way.

Letting go a bit would do wonders for your love life. Hardly anyone wants their mate to be so tense.

You can be funny, but you need to let go of your inhibitions and show your potential partner that you have a more “girlfriend” and less “mom” side.

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Your ups and downs are impossible to handle! While they make you fun, they also make you hard to date.

Being like this one day and like that the next day is hard for the rest of the world to bear.

In addition, you lack determination. Considering your character, you need to decide what you want and try to keep your behavior as consistent as possible.

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While you may be closed off to meeting new people, it isn’t always the case, but one thing seems to be a recurring problem with you: You dwell on your past relationships.

Once you’ve broken up with someone and the time goes by, you start to idealize that relationship and be skeptical of the news.

Leave your ex in the past and open up to new people.

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Being the center of attention is a must for you. Unfortunately, the person you are with wants to be your partner, not a prop to your glory.

Having a partner means that the spotlight is as much on him as on you, and you can usually struggle with that.

Unless you learn that you can’t be the brightest star in the sky all the time, it will be difficult for anyone to engage with you.

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Seriously, even you can’t live up to your own standards that are too high. You have to bring them down a bit.

Stop overthinking, try to be a little more casual, and just be yourself (that person you never let out of the walls you’ve put up).

Once you get rid of your insecurities, your caring and other charming qualities will shine.

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You hate being alone and are in fact rarely available for dating as there is usually someone already by your side.

The fear of being alone can cause you to miss the real deal, as being with the wrong person can scare the right one.

You have to realize that you deserve your breathtaking true love to happen.

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Jealous. Negative. Pessimistic. It might be a little hard for you, but you have to hear it.

You have to work hard to learn to trust people more. Don’t start imagining everything that can go wrong on the first date.

Relax and think positively. One of these days the right person will come and surprise you and chase away all your bad thoughts, but they won’t be able to do it if you don’t allow them to.

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You never really engage with people, do you?

You are too afraid that if you get to know someone, that person will become boring and you need them to be interesting.

Invest a little more of your time in your relationships and stop walking away from them. The right person will fascinate and surprise you every day.

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No one wants to date you because you have an idealized image of what your partner should look like.

You want this person to be the perfect fit for your lifestyle and your job.

Let me tell you this: it’s hard to find the person you imagine yourself with and your partner will almost never be able to just slip into your life without changing a thing.

Love has no rules and neither should you. Relax!

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You like spending time alone or with your friends, but that doesn’t leave much room for a new person to come into your life.

You are excited to meet new people, but you tend not to trust them until you become close.

It’s pretty hard to find someone who really understands you and those who don’t understand you don’t want to date you because you seem too hard to have.

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Being so charming and romantic can be scary too, you know. Imagine meeting a girl / boy who seems too perfect.

What seems too perfect to be true is usually just that, right?

It scares people because they think your behavior is wrong. They usually think you are lying to impress and seduce them and don’t get caught up in it.

Take it down a notch and show people you’re less romantic, and more emotional.

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