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Do you know someone with these characteristics: Liars, deceivers, and traitors? These are characteristic of the most false signs of the Zodiac. Some people value the truth above all else. They say everything they think, whatever the cost. They are sincere, honest, and frank. However, not everyone is like that and some prefer to adopt a more ambiguous position. Saying some things to some and your opposite to others.

The Zodiac corroborates this when it presents its most false signs. They are unreliable natives who don’t always say what they think. They have two or more faces and cheat with no weight on their conscience. Get to know the most false signs of the Zodiac.

Astrology: Be Wary! Know the most false signs


The natives of the sign Gemini/Gemini are known for being unstable, changing their opinion a lot and quickly, and being quite false. Their opinions can change very often and, to explain it, the natives of this sign are even capable of making up some story. As it is also a cold sign, Gemini/Gemini does not care much about the opinion of others, nor if it hurts them with this more bipolar behavior.


Natives of the Libra/Libra sign are known for their more balanced and thoughtful side. However, in situations of conflict, the natives of this sign have no problem in inventing some lies. These mistakes are not intended to hurt the other, but rather to use diplomacy to escape a difficult context. Libra/Libra natives have difficulty in having honest and hard conversations and, therefore, they can be false to avoid this embarrassing situation for them.


The natives of the sign of Aquarius are known to miss their commitments. The natives of this sign are loyal and good friends, but they lie very often, whenever it helps them to escape from a more complicated situation. This is helped by the fact that they are a very cold and distant sign.

They do not have a burden on their conscience, as they place their freedom above all else. If they feel that their freedom depends on a lie, then they won’t think twice about deceiving someone so they can do whatever they want.


The natives of the sign of Leo have a very big and strong ego. They lie whenever they need it to keep their self-esteem protected. Natives of this sign can be sincere, but if lying helps them stand out, then they will lie without hesitation. They don’t think twice about coming up with an excuse and an unforeseen event to miss an appointment that doesn’t interest them.


Natives of the sign of Sagittarius are very fond of freedom and do not like to devote too much time to suffering. They quickly recover from life’s disappointments. They like little lies, that don’t hurt, but that helps them stand out as the good-natured and fun-loving ones in the group. They have no resentment and do not see in this attitude a serious posture of falsehood.

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