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The 3 Zodiac Signs You Should Never Take Home To Meet Your Parents

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Is this article an exaggeration? Sure. But that doesn’t mean that some zodiac signs don’t give off weak first impressions. The following three zodiac signs might not be good to bring to meet your parents. They could call your taste into question, or even spend all their time flirting with your mom. How embarrassing. If you’re dating any of these signs, keep them away unless you’re ready for the fallout.

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If anyone’s going to cheat on you with a family member, it’s Gemini. In that way, they give off too good of a first impression. They have the kind of chaotic and adventurous energy that would love to have a whole family of conquests they can talk about at parties for years to come. Even if your Gemini isn’t the sleep-with-your-grandma type, here’s the other downside to a Gemini: They’re often less committed to the relationship than you are. Taking them to meet your family might feel “too fast” to them or might make it hurt even more when they break up with you a week later. Only invite them to meet the fam if you’re feeling really strongly about this relationship.

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Virgos aren’t villains by any means. They aren’t willfully causing trouble, but do they give off a good first impression? Not always. They seem way too cold and analytical. They won’t think to ask your dad about his golf trophies or how your mom feels about being an empty-nester. Virgos can just be awkward at first. You’ll have to spend at least some of your energy leading the conversation and talking them up. It’ll be exhausting, which means it’s only worth it to take a Virgo home to meet your parents if you see this going somewhere. Virgo soulmate? Yes. Virgo fling? No.

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Imagine the conversations your Scorpio will have with your parents. “So nice to meet you Scorpio. I heard you work at a bookstore. Do you like your job?” “Maybe…” If you’re dating a stereotypical Scorpio, they’ll be giving your parents absolutely nothing. Their walls will be so high they’ll be caressing the moon. They might handle themselves okay if they’re the one asking the questions, but if the spotlight stays on them, it’ll get awkward fast. If you care about this Scorpio, just give your parents a heads-up on their closed-off nature and let them know not to take it personally.

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