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Find out your degree of sensitivity, based on your zodiac sign

Our ways are often guided by our degree of sensitivity. The way we deal with others, the decisions we make, and even the way we deal with certain situations have to do with whether we are sensitive or not. A condition that can greatly affect social relationships and the way we are perceived by others. Today, we will try to understand if we are sensitive or not based on our zodiac sign. Since this is a way of being, it is good to check your ascendant in particular.

Find out your degree of sensitivity based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Almost completely numb
Let’s face it, of all the signs of the zodiac, you are one of the numbest. Partly because you tend to think more about yourself than about the people around you and partly because you find it hard to identify with others and, even more so, to understand their feelings. On the other hand, you tend to surround yourself with extremely sensitive people, a way like any other to make up for your lack. Be careful not to hurt those around you, though, and remember that by observing others and working hard you may learn how a little more sensitivity can even be a pleasant discovery.

Taurus – With a sensitivity that needs to be educated
It must be said that, in terms of sensitivity, you give your all, however, understanding others is not exactly your strong point. Your attention to those around you is in fact very superficial and blocked by an underlying inability to dig into situations. Not exactly empathetic, you need several explanations to be able to understand the state of mind of those around you. Once you understand, however, you are always ready to go out of your way to help out and to try to show yourself as understanding as possible. In short, speaking with you is not recommended at all. Better to tell you things as they are without too many words, thus giving you the opportunity to understand immediately and manage yourself accordingly.

Gemini – With sensitivity in the shade
Basically, you have every possibility to be a sensitive person and able to capture the emotions of others. Your intelligence, however, often leads you to be very rational and to analyze every little detail too carefully. This leads you to focus little on others and to think more about yourself or the reality around you. With a little effort, however, your sensitivity can be trained and improved, making you a person able to grasp even the most difficult nuances and able to help solve the problems of others.

Cancer – With a hiccup sensitivity
That you are a sensitive person is a fact known to virtually everyone. Your being always preys to emotions and on the verge of crying or freaking out according to the circumstances that arise makes you one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Unfortunately, however, your way of being that when it is addressed to others makes them feel at the center of attention, also giving them a way to feel better, tends to disappear completely when you feel hurt or are simply taken by yourself. Your sensitivity, therefore, is like a double-edged sword that sometimes prevents you from grasping the needs of others but which if used well could make you the best friend of anyone in difficulty.

Leo – With an unsettling sensitivity
You too, like someone born under the sign of Cancer, tend to have an underlying sensitivity. Unfortunately, however, you tend to use it only when you feel inspired and willing to do something for others. For you to be truly helpful, then, it is necessary for others to come to you at the right time. Which is quite difficult to guess, just like you who always appear the same from the outside and therefore unpredictable. It would only take a greater desire to open yourself to the world to make your sensitive side more stable, showing you how sometimes it is nice to be a constant in people’s lives.

Virgo – With a material sensitivity
While you really care about the well-being of the people around you, your sensitivity is mostly material. For you, the well-being of others stops at the appearance and is usually summed up in the economic one. Feelings are a part that you struggle to explore and understand and this way of doing things makes you seem almost numb in the eyes of others who would instead want some different kind of attention from you. Learning to observe others, asking questions, and trying to capture their state of mind as well as what surrounds them, could help you fill this void, leading you to feed your sensitivity, and making it evolve.

Libra – With Apparent Sensitivity
Yours is not among the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Taken as you are to make ends meet and live in an aesthetically pleasing world, sometimes you tend to lose sight of what belongs to the inner world and which, consequently, cannot be seen. On the other hand, the outpouring of pain like a person crying or clearly unhappy can hit you, prompting you to want to fix things. Perhaps, learning to remedy to give well-being to others and not just to restore harmony to where you think it has broken, could help you to feed your degree of sensitivity which, although not very strong, is still present.

Scorpio – With a perceptive sensitivity
Your way of being sensitive is like you: complicated. Generally, you are able to grasp the mood of those around you, even going to pain if you know that the one you love is having a bad time. Your way of being, however, leads you not to have a stable response in certain situations. So, if at times you tend to lend a hand as you can, many others close you for no apparent reason, unsettling those who until recently thought they could count on your help. Trying to bring a greater balance in your ways of doing things will undoubtedly help you to live better in certain situations and to live more positively with your sensitivity.

Sagittarius – Sensitive only in appearance
Although you are a generous person and open to the outside world, you do not stand out in terms of sensitivity. More than intention, you really lack the ability to grasp those nuances that can make a difference and that in front of others give you the opportunity to understand how to best act to give them relief. The good news is that nothing is impossible and with a little practice you could push your boundaries by learning a few tricks to understand others much more than you currently can.

Capricorn – Sensitive in an unconventional way
It is not that you are not sensitive, but your problem is the path you choose to take each time to offer your help. The tendency, in fact, is to manage the lives of others by offering them absolute and never-negotiable solutions. This way of doing things risks making you appear, in some ways, insensitive, confusing those in front of you. The solution is to learn to listen in silence and to try to give only what others ask, without pushing yourself further and regardless of what you think is actually best.

Aquarius – With average
sensitivity. Sensitivity is there. It all depends on how and when you choose to apply it to the situations that arise before you. Your desire to be among others, in fact, is often fluctuating, leading you to isolate yourself or close in on yourself without warning. Which, of course, makes it difficult to offer concrete help to those in need. Nevertheless, when you want, you are an excellent listener and you know how to instill a certain calm in those close to you.

Pisces – Sensitive beyond all limits
It is useless to go around it, yours is the most sensitive sign of the whole zodiac. Your empathy and the desire you have to help others make you the perfect person that everyone would like to have near when they are sick. On the other hand, the excessive sensitivity that characterizes you risks literally taking away your energy, making you tired and insecure. The solution is obviously to learn to manage your way of giving yourself to others, carving out your spaces, and creating a sort of wall that you never want to overcome. Remember that to help you have to be the first to feel good and that, therefore, you always have to take care of yourself first.

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