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How To Love A Virgo, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Virgos have many positive qualities that we all could stand to learn from, and we all have the capacity to embrace these traits. Of course, not every zodiac sign has the exact same relationship to Virgos. While some naturally gravitate towards the focused and hard-working Virgo energy, others take a while to warm up, finding the no-nonsense diligence a bit too type-A for their liking.

According to one study that examined monthly birth trends between 1994 and 2014, Virgos were the most common sign for decades. That means there are a lot of analytical, practical, and organized people in the world. What’s more, it means you probably love a Virgo: a partner, a sibling, a parent, a friend, or even a pet. The world is full of September and October babies, here to teach us the value of structure and hard work.

Whether you’ve loved a Virgo for your entire life or fate only recently brought them to you, you have something to learn from them. Here’s how to love your Virgo well, according to your zodiac sign.

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You might think that quiet and cerebral energy would frustrate you, Aries, since you are the most spontaneous and impatient of the signs. On the contrary, Virgo and Aries are not an unusual coupling by any means and can make for great business partnerships as well as marriages. The strange combination of energy results from a lesser-known angle known as a quincunx, which seeks to reconcile rather than repel. That is to say, Aries, if there is tension between you and your Virgo, it is only an invitation to broaden both of your minds. Don’t try to tone down who you are. Your Virgo will feel dazzled by you when you act in accordance with your nature: enthusiastic, excited, and ready to move.

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As a fellow earth sign, Taurus, you have a keen knowledge of what it means to operate in the material realm and be truly present. The energy with your Virgo is free-flowing and natural. Though you are motivated by the pursuit of beauty and comfort, and your Virgo by organized results, you are both filled with joy at the prospect of cultivating something new. Furthermore, you have the patience necessary to see something through, which will make your Virgo feel comforted in the knowledge that you will stick by their side. The familiarity you feel in their company is due to the fact that your signs form a harmonious trine. You will never tire of each other, but try not to give in to your stubborn streak and start trivial fights. Virgos prefer constructive criticism and communicative partners.

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You have a lot of ideas and a lot of energy, Gemini, but you don’t always commit to your promises. With all that excitement buzzing through your veins, it’s difficult to slow down long enough to communicate in a straightforward manner with your Virgo, who prefers to talk in a more linear fashion than you are naturally comfortable with. Your mind might race in a thousand directions at once, making it a challenge to convey what you want during a conflict, while your Virgo shows up prepared with notes and a PowerPoint presentation. Your sign makes a square to Virgo, meaning that there is tension naturally ingrained in your connection. But it’s nothing that cannot be overcome. Squares force growth through miscommunication and hardship. Love your Virgo by letting them speak for as long as they need to, listening well, and being adaptable.

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With your natural warmth and comforting demeanor, Cancer, you nurture Virgo energy with ease. Chances are, you make your Virgo feel very at home around you, even though you approach life from a heart space and they’re all up in their head most of the time. Your sign makes a positive aspect to Virgo called a sextile, which creates a pleasant yet rare sort of harmony in this particular partnership. As a sensitive, emotional water sign, you allow your analytical, earthy Virgo the space to feel all the things their rational left brain wants to suppress. Be there for your Virgo, giving them permission to release their emotions when they need to and offering them a loving shoulder to cry on.

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Your charisma likely makes you the most popular person in every room you walk into, Leo. Unfortunately stereotyped as the most ego-driven of the signs, your loved ones know that you are actually deeply loyal, providing endless support to those around you and exuding warmth. You want everyone to enjoy life as much as you do, which is exactly why you make a great partner to the Virgo in your life. While Virgos tend to prefer their own company, often sacrificing hours of their time for the sake of a long-term goal, you prefer to be out and about. Love your Virgo by breaking them out of their hyperfocus on occasion and reminding them that the rest of the world does, in fact, exist. They’ll appreciate you dragging them out on a Friday night once in a while, as long as you respect their routine the other six days of the week.

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If you’re a Virgo-loving Virgo, you already deeply understand their needs on an intuitive level. While there are times that being in a close relationship with someone of the same sign can feel a little bit uncomfortable, like looking into a slightly unflattering mirror, it’s important to see your own flaws reflected back at you. Rather than projecting your own self-critical nature upon your partner, offer them grace by reminding them that you can pick up the slack where they are falling behind. Remind them that you think and work on the same wavelength, so together, there is no end to what you can accomplish as a team.

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You are a great lover of art and beauty, Libra, and you aren’t afraid to be seen. Most people like you, after all, and you know how to charm your way into any social circle. Your Virgo appreciates this about you because you break them out of them out of their cycles of introversion and shyness. Whether your Virgo works with their hands or on a laptop all day, they are dutiful enough about their work to stay concentrated on a single project for hours at a time, but they often lack the ability to brag on themselves. That’s where you come in. Act as their biggest hype man and you will help bring your Virgo out of their shell.

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Known for your dark, enigmatic watery energy, you are the bad boy of the zodiac, Scorpio. You might worry your intensity will scare your Virgo off. Actually, your signs form a positive sextile, with you providing the emotional depth and them offering the right words of comfort when you’re spiraling. Virgos appreciate communication, so if you are feeling down, they’re the first person you should go to. They might prefer not to feel emotions quite so deeply, but they will bring you back to earth before you allow the feelings to drown you. Let your Virgo love you when you’re at your worst and they will feel important for being permitted access to your most intimate wounds.

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Your wild, bohemian side is second nature to you, Sagittarius, but it will confuse the grounded Virgo you have chosen to bring under your wing. Don’t book a last-minute flight to Peru and expect them to tag along willingly. If your Virgo is feeling frightened and you’re feeling constrained, take the time to consider how you can find balance between one another’s natural extremes. Your signs form a square, creating tension within your relationship that at times feels remarkably uncomfortable. Squares are the universe’s way of forcing two fundamentally different energies to learn to work together peaceably, so this does not mean your relationship is doomed. On the other hand, as a free-spirited and lively individual, you are the perfect companion for an intellectually curious Virgo. Just maybe let them make the travel plans.

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You’re one of the most superficially compatible pairings, Capricorn, but don’t let the ease of your earth trine convince you that everything is perfect in paradise with your Virgo. Your competitive, cutthroat nature can be paralyzing to an equally hard-working Virgo, especially one who is often concerned about what others think. You might be able to brush off criticism and carry on being the boss you know that you are, but your Virgo is likely to feel the sting a little more fiercely. If they’re feeling particularly sensitive, they need your support, not a sarcastic comment. Save the brutal honesty for when they’re in a better state of mind and offer a rational solution to their problem.

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You’re the rarest sign, Aquarius, and they’re the most common. It goes without saying that your relationship will be an interesting one, to say the least. You are here to shake things up, change society, and think of ways to restructure outdated systems. Your Virgo, on the other hand, finds comfort in said structure and will be reluctant to leave the safe world they’ve built around themselves where everything is ordered and rational. Your sign forms a quincunx with Virgo, making you an eccentric duo with very little in common on the surface. The depths of your love for humanity run so deep, though, that you will probably find the Virgo in your life utterly fascinating and want to understand why you are so different. Love them by treating them as a person, not a case study. Don’t discredit their more conservative opinions. Instead, listen to their ideas about how the world should work and consider why tradition is important to some.

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Sitting exactly opposite from Virgo on the zodiac wheel is you, Pisces. The energy stirring within you is emotional, dreamy, and spiritual, while your Virgo is focused on what they can see, feel, and rationalize about the world. Suffice to say, you are operating from two distinctly different mental spaces, and move through the world with differently colored glasses on. But the wonderful thing about opposite signs is that their motivations and goals are ultimately the same. While you seek cosmic understanding through the exploration of dreams, drugs, and other unconscious methods, your Virgo would prefer to stay awake and scour ancient texts. But you’re both reaching for the same question at the end of the day: Why are we here, and what is our purpose? Love your Virgo by sharing deep conversations over a glass of wine and asking them about what they’ve been reading lately.

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