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Fate Will Change Course This November For 4 Zodiac Signs— Find Out If It’s You

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Sagittarius changes their destiny by standing still. So much of their life can be categorized as running by people who don’t truly understand them. Their insatiable curiosity manifests in a need for travel, for diverse experiences, varied friend circles, and constant movement. Some can be perfectly happy this way, and others always feel like there is something they’re missing, like they’re on a never-ending search for ‘more’. It’s when Sagittarius experiences a premonition-like feeling that something is meant for them, be it a person, place, or thing, and decides to act on it, that they set the course of their own destiny. It’s only by making a choice that they truly take that helm.

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Leo changes their destiny by asking the tough questions. There are so many people surrounding them, trying to influence them, and vying to get in their ear, that if they’re not careful they can easily be taken advantage of, or end up in the middle of a conflict between dueling interests. It’s only when Leo digs deeper, and investigates the true colors and intentions of their inner entourage that they have the power to change their own fate. Even though they know the truth could hurt them, they have to figure out who among the fold isn’t who they appear to be. Who is putting them in a vulnerable position, and doesn’t have the best intentions for them. Taking the wool off of their eyes is how they choose their own path forward.


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Aquarius changes their destiny this month when they put their faith in themselves for a change. Always the best teammate, employee, advocate, and ambassador, Aquarius is known for trusting the system, trusting the people in charge. They will fundraise, brainstorm, and drum up publicity for the candidates and change makers they believe are closest to their own vision for the future. But Aquarius really changes the game when they choose to be the one in charge. To lead their own projects and get their hands dirty directly. Relying too heavily on others to be the change we want to see can be a disappointing game. But giving it your best shot yourself? Never a regret.


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Pisces changes their own destiny by saying ‘no’ to something big. Blessed with the power of foresight, which naysayers sometimes call ‘too much imagination’, Pisces knows exactly what’s in store for them if they continue down the path they’re on without making any changes, and they can’t say they like what they see. It’s settling, it’s following someone else’s dreams or expectations, and whoever it is that’s in for a rude awakening, bursting this person’s bubble is less painful than living a life that’s just not the right fit. So Pisces has no other choice but to speak up. And finding that power inside, believing that they have a right to control the current of their own life, is just the first step.

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