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3 Zodiacs Who Will Experience “Lucky Girl Syndrome” on Friday The 13th

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“Lucky Girl Syndrome” has gone viral on social media – yet it is more than just a manifestation mindset: it’s a lifelong way of being. It’s a deep, subconscious belief that everything always works out in your favor: the ultimate faith in good outcomes – a belief that drives your manifestations to bloom beautifully. Friday the 13th is filled with superstitions in Western culture: it is considered anything but a lucky day in mythology and religion. With Friday the 13th falling in October during spooky season no less, you may be wondering how to tap into “Lucky Girl Syndrome” during this day – and whether anyone will. Not to worry – here are the 3 zodiacs who are catching a lucky streak this Friday.

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Ruled by the Sun, a star brimming with royalty, consistency, and authority, Leo will have a fair bit of protection during this day. However, it would be wise to brush up on your protection magic during this time to ensure no negative energy deters your goals. Choose your poison: wear black tourmaline jewelry, do an incense cleansing throughout your home, or visualize an energetic barrier of light keeping you safe from the “earth” demons looking to suck your energy dry.

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My, oh my, Gemini. You’re going to experience an increased flow of abundance this 13th and throughout October – so long as you stay grounded in your sense of self-worth. To keep your manifestation afloat, remember to affirm for your greatest good and the highest good. Look carefully at your core beliefs about what you deserve and what you feel worthy of. You’ll recognize the subconscious beliefs and fears that may be holding you back from the influx of abundance coming your way.

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Ruled by lucky and abundant planet Jupiter, all odds are in your favor on the 13th, Sagittarius. But when aren’t you experiencing Lucky Girl Syndrome? Everything always seems to go your way, even when you’re betting on the impossible to happen – fortune is always attracted to you. Remember to suspend your disbelief during this time, as anything and everything is possible. You’ve been waiting for a big manifestation to come in and the stars are aligned for your destiny this 13th and the rest of October. Keep your confidence and self-concept on point. Remember, you must put yourself on the pedestal to keep Lucky Girl Syndrome ruling in your favor; stay tethered to your strengths. Do not chase the wrong people during this time and keep emotional vampires out of your energy. Good luck.

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