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Every Zodiac Is Protected By A Guardian Angel—This Is Yours

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Archangel Michael is Aries’ guardian angel. Michael, aka “The Great Defender.” Aries confidently and courageously take on leadership roles, so being a fighter and a protector comes naturally to them. (In Greek mythology, Aries is also the god of war.)

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Asmodel, the angel of patience, is Taurus’ guardian angel. “Slow and steady.” With perseverance, organization, calmness, and plenty of patience, Asmodel is a guiding light for Taurus. Taureans are quite calm — they bring a sense of peace and grounding in a world of chaos.

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Ambriel is Gemini’s guardian angel, the angel of intellect, creativity, and communication. Geminis are intellectual social butterflies — they love meeting new people, engaging in different conversations, and learning new things. Ambriel is a protector for Gemini on their journey in life. (In astrology, Gemini is also ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.)

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Muriel is the angel of healing, comfort, and emotional balance. Cancers are deeply intuitive creatures who care a lot about their friends, family, and other loved ones. They’re deeply understanding and empathetic and have a nurturing nature to them, which is why they are protected by Muriel, the angel of comfort.

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Leo is protected by Jophiel, the angel of creativity and beauty. Jophiel is a helping hand in recognizing and appreciating one’s greatest qualities as a means of becoming their best self. Jophiel is also about battling ignorance — Leos don’t want people to think they’re cocky, they’re just comfortable and confident in who they are.

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Metatron is one of the most powerful Archangels, literally the angel of empowerment. Metatron was a record keeper and energy cleanser, keeping track of the choices humans make on Earth and how one is achieving spiritual power. In other words, he assists in releasing negative energy and negative thoughts and serves as a reminder of how thoughts become things.

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Sameal (or Chamael) is an angel of love and peace. They were known to have a “special assignment”, reuniting twin flames and soulmates, which is very fitting because Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Sameal/Chamael brings strength wherever balance is off, as well as confidence and love.

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Jeremial, the angel of forgiveness, is Scorpio’s guardian angel. Scorpios are intense, mysterious water signs who can be a bit vindictive especially when they’ve been hurt by someone. Their guardian angel is a guiding light to releasing that negative energy and seeking forgiveness and mercy.

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Adnachiel is the angel of freedom and spiritual growth. This is very fitting for Sagittarius, who is a free bird who loves to explore the world. They are the ones who will step out of their comfort zone and be spontaneous. This angel guides them to also tap into their mind to find spiritual growth, too.

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Azrael is considered to be one of the most misunderstood angels, as they are the angel of death. But it’s not that they bring death, but rather, help those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Although Capricorns aren’t the most emotional signs, they are good at sharing wisdom of a new reality, in a gentle, loving way.

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Aquarius’ guardian angel is Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel is the angel of light and purpose, bringing free thinking, humanism, hope, truth, and revelations. Gabriel is the angel known to bring change and truth to all humankind, which is very similar to what Aquarians like to do.

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Barchiel, the guardian of kindness, faith, and clairvoyance, is Pisces’ guardian angel. This water sign is incredibly intuitive and good at exploring their soul and their feelings. They’re also known to be one of the most psychic signs of the zodiac, so they’re able to connect with this higher power.

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