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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Heal Before Becoming Husband Material

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Some zodiac signs make great husbands right away. For instance, Taurus men create a warm and comforting home for their spouses. But not every sign is a natural when it comes to relationships. The following four zodiac signs have some growing to do before they make good husband material.

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Aries are known for their independence. They’re quick to make decisions–sometimes so quick that they don’t adequately weigh all the pros and cons–and are happy taking the lead. Unfortunately, that independence means that some Aries men have a hard time giving up some of the control to their partners. It isn’t that they want to tell their partner what to do. They’re just so used to doing things on their own that their partner sometimes doesn’t even cross their minds. They’ll buy a car or go on a spontaneous outing without even letting you know. They need to get used to being in a partnership and considering what the other person needs before they become husband material.

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Like Aries, Virgo are used to being in control. The difference between these independent signs is that Virgos are a lot more likely to exert control on purpose instead of by accident. If you’ve come across a Virgo man before he’s had time to grow, you’ll notice that he’ll be controlling in the relationship. He’ll think all of his ideas are the right ones without even considering your opinion on the matter. While it can be alluring to find a partner who takes the reins, you may be signing up for an imbalanced relationship. A Virgo isn’t husband material until they’ve learned to accept that their spouse is smart enough to be a part of the decision-making process.

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Of all the signs, Sagittarius is the most likely to cheat on their partner. Their adventurous nature and magnetic pull means they attract all sorts of people. A Sagittarius who hasn’t yet grown will surely take advantage of the opportunity when so many people are throwing themselves at them on the daily. Worst of all, they won’t really be apologetic about it. They’ll consider it an unfortunate mistake at best and lazily “promise” that they’ll never do it again. The only Sagittariuses that make good husband material are the ones who have matured beyond the personality they had in their 20s.

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Aquarius men aren’t often great at sharing their emotions. It’s not that they’re hiding their extreme emotions–they’re just not feeling anything particularly strongly. The problem comes when they don’t take their partners emotions into account. An immature Aquarius man will assume everyone feels the way they do and so won’t consider that their spouse is hurting or needs encouragement. Talks of Love Languages fall on deaf ears. But when an Aquarius man does the work and learns how to accommodate their partner, they’re finally husband material worthy of a long and happy relationship. It usually happens when they ruin a good thing and end up losing the “one who got away.”

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