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When we talk about the look, often and willingly, we mean that set given by the way of dressing, hair styling, and make-up that, put together, give life to the style of each person.
It is a mix that for some are almost natural to put together while for others it is so difficult that they risk creating something extremely chaotic. The look, however, has its own importance as in some ways it reveals something about our way of being. Obviously, this aspect of us is also somehow influenced by the stars, and today, after having seen which are the most stingy zodiac signs and whether or not we are vain, we will focus on the way we dress in order to understand what our look is like. according to the stars. As often happens, even in this case, the advice is to check the profile of your ascendant.

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Aries – With a style… exaggerated

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Yes, for you to appear is of vital importance, which is why you never back down in front of a super tight dress or with colors so strong as to be seen even from a distance. While you like to dress comfortably and wear jeans often, your priority is to impress, which you often do with tight-fitting, sequined, or colorful dresses. The council of the stars? Don’t abuse those choices. Rather, focus on one detail at a time, but don’t put too much weight on your style. Sometimes it is better to get noticed a second later but to stay etched forever rather than risk being out of tune due to too much exaggeration in colors.

Taurus – With Too Much Mixing

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Although you have a certain simplicity on your side, the tendency is to mix more things. Dressing for you is an act of pleasure that you allow yourself by buying clothes that you like and that you think are suitable for your figure. Often, however, in making your choices you forget the importance of combinations, risking combining colors in sharp opposition or genres that should never meet. The advice is therefore to listen to your inspiration but always try to imagine how each garment will fit you together with the others. Sometimes, the healthy middle ground is always the best, even when it comes to clothing.

Gemini – With a too humoral look

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Your duality and often dancing mood leads you to have a constantly evolving style. The real problem, however, is your almost obsessive need to dress according to how you feel in order to express what you feel through the look. If sometimes your way of doing it manages to make you eccentric and interesting also from an aesthetic point of view, other times it can create a certain confusion due to the uncontrolled mix you make of fabrics and colors. Try to listen to only one feeling at a time and remember that what you have inside can also be expressed in words or simply with a look. Your look should be the background to the person and not become the main element. This way you will always be dressed ad hoc, even in the event of a sudden mood change.

Cancer – With an adequate look but often a victim of listlessness

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The clothes you usually choose go perfectly with you and your style. The only flaw lies in your being sometimes lazy, which leads you to not care too much about the combinations you make and the way your clothes fall. In this way, you risk even appearing sloppy, just you who really need a few tricks to perform at your best. The council of the stars? That of eliminating what is not perfect, taking care of your choices as much as possible, so that you can be at your best even when you know you are too tired to deal with them.

Leo – With a decidedly fashionable look

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Appearance has always been your reason for living, as well as for being successful. Both characteristics that you express to the fullest in the way you dress and which is always extremely well-finished and fashionable. The only flaw? Maybe sometimes, just because of your desire to be the center of attention, you end up appearing too much when you could get noticed in a more elegant way. But it’s all about points of view and if your aim is to strike then following your instincts is definitely a viable option.

Virgo – With a very casual look

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Although inside you there is a person with a great desire to emerge and to be totally himself, the fear of excess pushes you to almost always opt for limiting choices which, even if they fit well on you, risk being somewhat anonymous. The advice of the stars is therefore to be daring and to focus on details rich in color or whatever you like best. In this way, you can be sure not to overdo it while still managing to get noticed and talk about yourself through a look a little bit out of the ordinary and all without upsetting anything. A great middle ground, right?

Libra – With an always elegant style

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Your innate elegance and the skill with which you know how to combine colors and fabrics make you a person capable of showing off looks that are always refined and pleasing to the eye. Lover of beautiful and harmonious things, never exceed, thus avoiding appearing exaggerated or vulgar. Your style, however, still stands out and all for the elegance of your bearing and for the choices you make, always able to say something about you without shouting it.

Scorpio – With a style stuck on

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When you find something you like or fit, you tend to wear just that. This makes you a person who can always wear the right thing, appearing exactly what he wants. The only problem is the risk of falling into monotony when your character and personality could say a lot more about your person. The advice of the stars is therefore to dare a little more and try to insert new elements. Doing so every now and then can help you discover new parts of yourself and recognize that there are far more benefits to change than you are willing to think.

Sagittarius – With a too varied look

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Your tendency to always experiment with new things makes you a person without a predefined look but able to wear something different every time. If from a certain point of view this choice also creates a basic way of dressing, this can also lead to a certain underlying confusion. With too many garments to choose from and all of the different workmanship, the risk of making the wrong or unsuitable combinations for your person is always around the corner. So try to vary, but create a base on which to manage your looks. In this way, you will not lose the note of fun that clothing has for you and at the same time, you will always be able to look your best.

Capricorn – With a sober style

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What interests you most when it comes to clothing is looking neat. This is why your choice always goes to clothes that are easy to match and that give a good impression of you while also making you feel comfortable. Sometimes though, your choices make you look a little too understated when you could definitely opt for more. The council of the stars? Give yourself a few more showy dresses than others, wear a few more skirts and turn on the colors a little. Obviously, everything will be done according to your tastes. The point is that in addition to looking neat you should aim to feel good in what you wear. An experience that once you try it you will find irresistible.

Aquarius – With a thick single-color look

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Whether you are more inclined to black or bright colors, your choice too often falls on single-colored clothing. In a hasty way, you have to dress without problems but which sometimes risks revealing little of your true self. The advice of the stars is therefore to experiment a little more and have fun playing with the various combinations. This way you will be able to feel better even just wearing a new dress. Seeing is believing.

Pisces – With a versatile look

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Your way of dressing is quite varied and fits well on any occasion. This happens thanks to your ability to make combinations that are always accurate and never excessive but at the same time able to talk about you, sometimes through the predominance of color and others through some details that are a little more showy but never too flashy. All for a style that is always in line with your emotions and able to best describe you.

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