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A date, a hat, your birthday: no, it’s not a random list but just some of the many things that the most forgetful zodiac signs have forgotten at least once in their life. Who knows if they will remember to read the horoscope today!

It is useless to try to go around it so much: you are forgetful or forgetful . All you do is forget why you walked into a room or your boyfriend’s birthday.
Let’s not talk about when you have to go on an appointment: you need at least ten alarms on your mobile to remind you what to do and when!
But why are you like that?
Mm, maybe the horoscope knows something! Let’s ask him now!

The most forgetful zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: here is today’s ranking

Impossible to try to ask him to remember something: the most forgetful zodiac signs of the horoscope can’t really keep anything in mind! Hey, it might not be their fault … or yours!

Today, in fact, we asked stars and planets to give us a classification of those signs that would not remember anything even under torture.
They could be perfect secret agents at 007 if it weren’t for the fact that they would probably forget about their mission!

Let’s find out who are the five most forgetful zodiac signs of the whole horoscope and, above all, let’s see if you are in the ranking too.
If, then, you forget that you are there … well, you will know we were right!

Libra: fifth place

How could we not start the ranking with those born under the sign of Libra ?
Forgetful, forgetful … whoever has more, put it up! Libra is a sign that really likes this side of their character a lot !

You will say: but how is it possible? Nobody likes to be considered forgetful!
Well, Libra thinks it’s a sweet , funny and a little bit intriguing trait. They forget everything and everyone, they behave like true forgetful people … but deep down they are not  that  much!

Gemini: fourth place

Gemini would really love to be at the top of our ranking today… isn’t it, dear Gemini ?
You must know that those born under the sign of Gemini are really a little  forgetful … but not as much as they would like you to believe!

Sometimes they forget to reply to messages, and other times, they don’t do it on purpose.
They know they get this aura from people who forget everything and make the most of it. This often means that a Gemini tries so hard to forget things that… well, they really forget them! (Rest assured, though: when a Gemini wants to remember something that has to do with his life, especially sentimental, not a single comma is lost!

Taurus: third place

Those born under the sign of Taurus deserve a third place in our horoscope ranking  today for a very specific reason. They are very forgetful when and especially if they have to remember something that has nothing to do with them!

Unfortunately, that ‘s how Taurus are. The more precise and inflexible they are with their things, their schemes, their itineraries and their objects, the more they end up completely forgetting about others. Hey, isn’t it that underneath the Taurus are hiding a little bit of selfishness?

Sagittarius: second place

Impossible to ask Sagittarius to remember anything! This is one of those zodiac signs that practically lives a life of his own, never worrying about others.

Sagittarius is a particularly incapable sign of remembering events, commitments or anything else that has to do with other people.
For Sagittarius , in fact, there is only one person: himself!

Here, therefore, Sagittarius does not keep in mind practically anything. For him the only thing that matters is living the emotion of the moment, choosing every day what he wants to do without being a slave to it. Asking him to remember something is like talking to the wall!

Pisces: first place in the ranking of the most forgetful zodiac signs of the horoscope

Hey, dear Pisces , if there was a ranking for the most dreamy zodiac signs among all of you you would probably be in first place there too.
Do not take it so hard, therefore, for this “win” of yours!

If you are in today’s ranking it is because dealing with you can often be a real nightmare. Even if you live in a dream! Pisces
, in fact, are people who literally forget anything. They don’t pay much attention to commitments and material things because they don’t need them!

Light, graceful, completely forgetful, those born under the sign of Pisces sail through life without ever looking back.
Behind them are canvas shoppers left on the bus, missing appointments, half-filled and forgotten agents on a coffee table and ex-boyfriends who are still pining for them and that Pisces know absolutely nothing about. What a balance!

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