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Discover What Makes Each Zodiac Sign Anxious

All zodiac signs are capable of getting anxious in some specific situations. Find out what makes each sign anxious.

Anxiety is something transversal to all signs, although some may manifest this feeling more than others. Also, not all signs are anxious for the same reasons and that’s what we’ll discover in this article. After all, what makes an Aries/Aries, a Taurus, or a Gemini/Gemini anxious, for example? Understand what makes you and your loved ones have a faster heartbeat and learn to better manage this emotion.

Find out what makes each sign anxious


The Aries/Aries natives are very competitive and, therefore, any game is a reason to make the Aries/Aries anxious, full of desire to win. For this sign it is not easy to accept defeat, even if it is “beans”. Therefore, competing with this zodiac sign is synonymous with making you very anxious and nervous.


The natives of Taurus deal badly with sudden changes, unforeseen events, and unexpected surprises. Lack of confidence and security and a taste for routines make Taurus feel great anxiety whenever something changes, for example, in his professional life. Just change roles or sectors for your anxiety levels to skyrocket.


Gemini/Gemini love to feel free. Therefore, limiting this freedom can give rise to major attacks of anxiety. A relationship that holds you back or limits your movements can make natives of this sign very anxious. A job with a lot of pressure or a lot of control is also not the most suitable for this sign that tends to feel anxious, whenever it feels that it is being observed.


Crab/Cancers are very sensitive and emotionally very dependent. This means that they give themselves a lot to their relationships and expect a lot from the people they are close to and trust. Whenever he does not receive what he expects from the other, he ends up in a situation of deep sadness, accompanied by a great anxiety.


Leo natives like to be recognized for their abilities. When this doesn’t happen, this sign is capable of feeling a little anxious, because it doesn’t feel that its talents are properly applauded. Leos also don’t like to be criticized, another situation that can make this sign very anxious.


Virgo natives are known for being very tidy and organized. Therefore, whenever someone disturbs this order, this sign will feel deeply anxious and have great difficulty in dealing with this situation. So avoid touching things that belong to a Virgo without asking permission first.


Libra/Libra natives are anything but impulsive signs. This means that they have a great sense of fairness and therefore quick decisions are not their forte. Therefore, whenever this sign is asked to quickly opt for A or B, he will feel great anxiety, as quick decisions and under pressure are the opposite of what a Libra/Libra likes to do.


Scorpio natives are lovers of openness and honesty. Therefore, they deal very poorly with those who adopt a false speech. This situation is even capable of making this sign very anxious and eager to explore and confront the people concerned with its dishonesty.


Sagittarius natives hate monotony and boredom and this can even make them very anxious. Breaking the routine, even slightly, is enough for this sign to feel good and to ward off any signs of anxiety.


Capricorns are very responsible and great workers, always punctual and rigorous in all tasks. Therefore, it is not surprising that whenever you have to deal with someone who is disorganized or who fails in their duties, the natives of this sign experience high levels of anxiety.


Aquarius natives like to take their time to do their chores and hate to be pressured. In these situations, they are very anxious and are even able to take longer to perform the task, as a result of this same anxiety.


Pisces like to live in the moment, enjoying the time calmly and, of course, always giving free rein to their imagination. When others do not allow it, the natives of this sign often feel very anxious.

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