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What are the most common lies that zodiac signs tell

As human beings, we cannot be honest all the time. Sometimes we strive to look better than we are or to get out of certain situations more easily.

What are the most common lies that zodiac signs tell?


Mostly lie about your skills and experiences. As an Aries, you like to exaggerate when you speak. Therefore, you tend to invent stories to put yourself in a better light.


Like Taurus, you tend to lie that you’re busy. After all, sometimes you’d rather have a quiet night than go out and socialize.


Most often you lie about where you are going or the people you see. You like fun and adventure.

As a result, you don’t like plans if there is a better option.


As a Cancer, you often lie about your feelings because you have a tendency to hide what you feel. When you go through sudden mood swings or feel vulnerable, you usually try to mask all of these things.


You lie to win any confrontation. Like Leo, you are full of pride, so you will defend your image at all costs, even if you know you are wrong.


Often lie and use excuses to get what you want. As a Virgo, you are a special person and you like to organize your life in a specific way.

Therefore, lie to manipulate a situation.


Like Libra, you tend to lie to resonate with others. You like to socialize and often lie out of a desire to make a connection. Minor lies in order to attract people around you are your vice.


Like Scorpio, lie about your thoughts and feelings. You tend to hold a grudge and internalize your emotions. It’s hard for you to confuse yourself with others, so you choose to keep everything to yourself rather than make a big scene.


He often lies to get out of something. As a Sagittarius, you’d rather be free than facing something boring. So, lie down to create your own space to explore as you wish.


Like Capricorn, you lie about your vulnerabilities and weaknesses. You are afraid of these insecurities and thus lie and pretend that they do not exist.


As Aquarius, you value the truth above all else. However, you are lying to carry out your plan.


He often lies to protect others. You are aware of the pain you can cause, so you choose to hide some things.

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