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Jealousy in love could be a problem. If you do not tolerate this form of possessiveness in the relationship, avoid pairing with these zodiac signs.

Do you get hives just thinking about having an affair with a jealous and possessive partner? In this case, you should rely on the advice of astrologers and avoid pairing with the 3 most jealous zodiac signs of the horoscope.

Mutual trust is certainly the basis of any successful relationship. Trust is a pillar of the relationship and when it falters the relationship itself risks breaking. Within the couple, many reasons lead partners to doubt the other: some mistakes too many, unfounded suspicions, or even insecurities related to their personality and past. When this lack of trust occurs, usually the partner begins to be excessively jealous, the problem is that many people cannot tolerate jealousy in the relationship and a lot of misunderstandings are created. If you also do not tolerate jealousy, we recommend that you stay away from the 3 most jealous zodiac signs in love.

Love and jealousy: here are the 3 most jealous zodiac signs of the horoscope

A pinch of jealousy in the relationship does not create problems, but when it becomes excessive it is a bad flaw. According to astrologers, some zodiac signs are jealous by nature and are unable to exercise self-control to limit the effects of this behavior on the couple. Jealousy is often linked to a lack of self-esteem. If we do not love ourselves we fail to understand how the other can love us and we are assailed by doubts that only increase the fear of losing the loved one.

Among the zodiac signs there are 3 overly jealous:


Scorpio is very passionate and very possessive, often his jealousy is manic. This sign is very moody, his moods change quickly and it takes very little to show his obsessive jealousy. This sign in love is gripped by the fear of losing the other, it is very faithful and also demands fidelity from the other. If he is betrayed he does not forgive.


Leo is very proud and likes to be the center of attention even in private life. For him, the couple relationship is a relationship based on the concept of exclusivity. He does not like competition or comparisons of any kind, he always wants to feel the master of the world.


Aries is a possessive and impulsive sign, his attacks of jealousy are often unfounded and sudden. They are very devastating but fortunately, they do not last long. It subsides almost immediately.

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